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Thursday, April 10, 2014


If you haven't read ANY of the 

Gods At Work Series by Kat Holmes...Book FOUR, CRIMSON WATERS is one you absolutely 

CANNOT let slip by you.

Poseidon...the KING of WATER...He's a 

GREEK GOD....He's LORD of the SEAS...He's Zeus' BROTHER...Zeus' equal...sort of...but he's so much more...and OMG is he a God to drool over.

Water is his element...and what he can do with water...phew!

She's on the run...hiding out as his housekeeper...and always gone before he arrives home...until...

Seeing the full curve of her cute butt...well even a God can pant...even if he pants quietly...at first.

He's Poseidon...the master of all water...and she's now under HIS protection.
CRIMSON WATERS...by Kat Holmes...yummy yummy.
MuseitUp Publishing
Available at Muse It HOT Publishing and where the cremé de la cremé of e-books are available.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Kevin Hopson...He Looks So Sweet, but Writes Like The Devil

Kevin Hopson...multi-published...and...award winning...He looks like such a nice, gentle person...doesn't he?

Let me tell you about Kevin Hopson. You can tell from the picture above he barely looks old enough to shave let alone be a man with the kind of writing portfolio he has under his belt. (He's going to age magnificently. He'll be like Sean Connery, devastatingly gorgeous as the years pass...sigh!)

Ladies, Kevin's married to a stunningly beautiful woman, Gunes. Don't they look fantastic together?.

Guess what? Kevin's also a dad. 

Take a gander at the bubbling light of his and Gunes' life. This is Skyler...have you ever seen a cuter kid? He's got such power in those cheerful eyes...just like the power his dad has in his writing.

Kevin's array of short, bone-chilling...did I forget to mention Kevin may look like a kid, but he writes some of the scariest short stories on the planet?...is staggering.

It's true...and he's got a new one coming out on April 4, 2014 from MIU Publishing, that I'll get to in a moment.

Before I do, let me give you a thumbnail look at the books he already has waiting to make your skin goose-bump, and your blood run cold.

World of Ash...that's not your normal dust cloud.
Earth Ablaze...could YOU survive the apocalypse?
Earthly Forces...some islands are best left uncharted.
Early Release For Bad Behavior...unnatural death is rampant inside Kevin's prison.

Three Miles Below...mining can be extremely dangerous, but never moreso than in a Kevin Hopson short terror-fest.
Broken Family...what will a rather unusual family do to hide their secrets?

And now...{DRUM ROLL PLEASE}...the scary tale about to be released upon us...lovers of bone-shaking good scares...

THE LANDFILL by....dun,da,da,dun...KEVIN HOPSON to be released from MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING on April 4, 2014...

circle your calendar, write yourself little 

post-it-notes and put them everywhere....This is a Kevin Hopson classic I predict is going to sweep the 2014 awards...it's really THAT good.

What's it about, you want to know? What it's about? From the back cover of Kevin's book is the answer:

Back Cover
Billy, a high school senior, has lost a lot in the past year, including his younger sister, Sara. Billy lacks excitement and purpose in life until his curiosity takes him and his best friend, Connor, to an old, abandoned landfill along the river. Connor would rather forget the experience, but Billy can’t help but feel invigorated by their findings. Taking it upon himself to uncover the mystery, Billy finds his life coming full circle – but is that a good or bad thing?

So get your security blanket washed and ready...you're gonna need it.

April 4, 2014 THE LANDFILL 
by Kevin Hopson arrives.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm a thief...and proud of it.

I discovered doing my rounds a posting on one of the
Muse It Up Blogs an exposé by my favorite person...yep, my award winning daughter...prolific writer

 KAT HOLMES...so I stole.
The more people who see just how ELEGANT we are here, the more who might decided to check us out.

Now do I HAVE to confess? I don't have tonsillitis...and the
litter box I try to give a wide berth to...but I've gotten really good at 
Spot Botting the little nuisance areas the kitties leave behind when they don't quite channel the pee where the pee is supposed to be!

That said, Kat and I are both delighted to take any opportunity to share who and what we are...How else are we going to convince the masses they really WANT to add us to their 

So here's my daughter Kat Holmes and HER confessions of a HOT AUTHOR> 

Confessions Of A Hot Author

I'm Kat Holmes and I write erotic romances. Based on what I write naturally my life is exotic and filled with adventure and lots of hot sex...right! Sure. That works.

I hate to break the illusion, but I'm totally ordinary. Today on my agenda is a trip to the doctor for a very obvious case of tonsillitis. I need antibiotics. Really exotic right?:-) Oh, and I have a brand new litter box to set up for my kitties. And a whole batch of dirty litter to get out.

Turned on yet?:-) I just had the cable company out and they found the filters with the wires were flooded with water. Oh the excitement.

The fact is, I write hot books. I have a very vivid imagination and I hear voices that demand I tell their stories. Their lives are exciting, dangerous, romantic, and highly sexual. My life however is downright normal. Sometimes it is downright boring.

But, I still love my life. I have the best job in the world, have some of the greatest friends, two precious kitties who make me laugh and make me crazy, a wonderful mom who is my best friend in the world, and each and every one of you, the fans who read my books and have sent me emails saying you enjoyed my stories or that my stories helped you through a bad time in your life. That is, for me, the true treasure of being a hot author.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


The 2013 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll awards have completed and Kat and I...L.J. Holmes CLEANED UP.

Okay, we didn't yet break into the top ONE postion, but between us we still claimed a total of SEVEN of the TOP-TEN awards in our categories...

So do me a favor, sit back for a second or three and share in our moments of dancing from the rafters...A little boasting IS called for here..don't YOU think?

The first book actually won TWO top ten awards...which seems bizarre to me...or might if this book hadn't taken a LOT of time, effort, and grief to finally bring to the reading world. Thank you all for embracing it and letting me know all the effort was worth it.

(For the first two comments mentioning this title, I am giving away 2 free copies in your needed format...all I ask in return is you give me a review on the Muse Book Store, Amazon, and maybe GoodReads too...all you have to do is copy and paste one review to all the sites..or just do one any of those places...also tell your friends about it if you enjoy it.)

ECHOES FROM THE PAST...my very first FULL LENGTH Novel; cover by Muse It Up's premier CA HEAD Suzannah Safi.

Here are the two awards...

7th place in Erotica, and 

9th place in ALL OTHER NOVELS.

In the next category for Kat and me to take honors is MYSTERY NOVELS with book two in my THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLES SERIES.

This is also a book I had to work really hard to get released in a way that honored Book One..and my very first ever 5th place 

P&E award winning book SANTA IS A LADY (cover by former Muse CA, Delilah K. Stephans,) in the 2010 awards.

This one, THE CHRISTMAS WAR (another magnificent cover by SUZANNAH SAFI) just like ECHOES FROM THE PAST came very close to never making it out in a format I felt belonged in a sequel. But thanks to the ongoing help of Lea Schizas my publisher AND editor, and Suzannah Safi my CA, it came in 

8th place which is a powerful affirmation of all we put in towards reworking it. 

MOVING ON...Our next category honors... taking 6th place...is a book I am so proud found its way into the TOP TEN category 



Book One, HIDDEN, opened an intriguing world of vampires controlled by and manipulated by the unpredictable Greek Goddess, using her Roman name's spelling...she IS a sly one...HEKATE. (Her Greek spelling is HECATE...think she wants to really play with the creatures caught in her web? Including...maybe US? Can you figure out what she's up to?)

SEEKER takes us deeper into the world of Hekate's good vampires, THE ENCLAVE and her designs against the bad vampires THE TRUE ONES...but remember one important thing...The Greek Gods and Goddesses are not known throughout history for being benignly benevolent. If their involved, you can expect HAVOC.

For the first two people to leave comments addressing SEEKER, (gotta LOVE the cover Suzannah Safi created for this urban fantasy,) Kat and I are offering another TWO free copies of this book, but we're just asking for the same offer to do reviews and talk us up whenever and wherever you can if you enjoy our stories.

Kat and I both contributed a couple of short stories that found their way into the TOP TEN Shorts as well.

In the SCI-FI/FANTASY SHORTS I, L.J. Holmes, surprisingly won 

6th place for my TONGUE-IN-THE-CHEEK short about the origins of Diamonds. The prevailing belief is diamonds come from mines...NO WAY! 

DIAMONDS FROM THE ROUGHAGE (also with a brilliant cover by Muse It Up Publishing's Head CA, Suzannah Safi) tells the REAL story. This is a fun story that will tell you what actually happens after the Knights of the Round Table head off in search of the Holy Grail, and how the diamond production the world round is effected.

In ALL OTHER SHORTS, Kat easily claims her right to the 

7th position for HER tongue-in-cheek Book One in her TALES OF FAIRYLAND SERIES, playfully called 

LOVE POTION #9.5 (powerful cover by Lex Valentine.)

Since this is book one of a SERIES, you're gonna want to get in on the ground floor. So for the first person to mention LOVE POTION #9.5 in the comments, Kat and I will send you one free copy in your format of this easy,fun read.

And now we come to the FINAL award...a really BIG surprise.

I am L.J. Holmes...author...but I am also Ladybug Lin, book reviewer...and to my total astonishment I found myself receiving the 

3rd place award for BEST REVIEW SITE.

I don't know HOW this happened, but I'm over-the-moon about it. To be in the same category as Coffeetime Romance is something I never thought would happen. 

To all who voted for Ladybug Lin's Exceptional Reviews...thank you.

To all who voted for Kat's books and mine...2013 has been a very difficult year. Writing was our escape from some of the worst life tossed our way...your voting for us, helping us rise through the ranks...means more than you can know.

Thank you.

We also had a few other books that either slipped below the top ten, or never made it out of the 11-20 placements that I'd also like to take a few moments to share...we wrote them during the same difficult 2013 and hope you'll take a moment to look them over and maybe add them to your 

"must read list."

For me...in the Romance Novels section coming in at #15 is Book THREE in my CHRISTMAS MIRACLES SERIES and right after THE CHRISTMAS WAR...

CHRISTMAS GOES GREEN (cover by gifted new to Muse It Up...CA Kate Page)...he's half elf, and she's half leprechaun. Christmas is gonna take on whole new flavor.

In SCI-FI/FANTASY NOVELS Book SIX in Kat's GODS AT WORK SERIES came in at position # 13.

UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON is the modern tale of ARTEMIS' coming to work here on earth. This IS a gripping tale that shows, via the explosive cover, (done by Karen Phillips) she's not the Artemis you learned about in Greek Mythology. (Kat is an expert on Greek Mythology...what she brings to the telling ASTOUNDS ME...and they get better with each new book.)

In the ROMANCE SHORT STORIES one of my little tales NARROWLY was edged out in the last moments of voting. So at position # 11 we have 

THE WEDDING NIGHT, (cover by Marion Sipe,)...a different kind of Time Travel tale with a HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLE as the hero's time machine.

Again, thank you all for letting us know what we worked on during this most difficult past year was worth it...and it's now time to get to work on 2014.