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Friday, July 16, 2010


What qualifies as a Christmas Miracle? Northeringale is about to discover the answer to this question as the first of the CHRISTMAS MIRACLES series commences right here.

Christmas is serious business in Northeringale. The Town is known far and wide as a Christmas Wonderland drawing visitors from miles and miles away.

Beck Cavington, owner of Sweets and Treats hired a man known as a professional Santa to sit upon the Christmas Throne in her store...and all is going swimmingly...until five days before Christmas.

The news blasted from every reporters mouth sends waves of panic up and down Beck's spine...

Santa has been placed under arrest. His computer is found to be stocked with photos that no Santa should have of children.

What can Beck do? It is truly crunch time, and she NEEDS to replace the Santa...but how? All the "professional" Santa Claus's are already working elsewhere...and there's no time to vet strangers.

Beck does the only thing she can think of and forces the one person she knows she can trust...her best friend Angie Brightwell...

...into the Big Man's suit...and thus begins the journey Angie Brightwell makes in her new role and the motivation behind this next amazing cover by Muse It Up's Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans.

Here's Angie minus all the extra Santa garb. Delilah showed her perfectly, didn't she?

Once more all is right in the magical land of Northeringale...or is it?

Across town, Colonel Cameron Drayton, pictured above during one of his many tours in Iraq, now retired, has finally gained custody of his half Iraqi daughter...

...the beautiful, precocious and dear to his heart, Johara. Cam has but one wish...he wants to give his little girl the PERFECT American Christmas.

Just like the ones he had while growing up in Northeringale...but alas, a Lady Santa was not part of the equation.

Angie also has dreams. While riffling through her attic for the red velvet ribbon needed to make a giant Candy Cane for her Santa role, she finds the carvings done years ago by her Grandmother...and in particular the sculpture of Joseph. Once upon a time, her Grandmother had told her the face of Joseph was the face of the man who would fill her heart and soul with all the joy and love it could ever hope to hold.

How could she have known when she agreed to help Beck that she would also be putting herself in the position of so infuriating her Joseph that it would truly take a Christmas Miracle to mend all their broken spirits?

Santa is a Lady is due for release on 12/01/2010. In the meantime, please follow L.J. Holmes...yes that's me, here on my blog, but also at the Muse It Up Publishing website. Plus you can also read some of my FREE short stories by following these links:



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 Happy New Year Too From Angie, LJ and everyone at Muse Publishing.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Ah Lin, again you captured it. The way you tell all these stories just pulls me right in. I want to read all of them. I can hardly wait for Oct and hopefully I can buy some of them.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Oh, because this had the Christmas feel and pics I was drawn to the time when I used to read Christmas tales to my kids. Wonderful caption of your book, Lin, and I so love the cover. Perfect, perfect, perfect for your book.

Lin said...

I am truly blessed that my very first book was assigned to Delilah Stephans. I had seen my daughter's covers form another publisher. The first one was breathtakingling done by Cover Artist Emmy. The starkness of that cover just pulled you in. I had no idea that Delilah would create a cover for me that was equally breathtaking and so full of the magic and miracles that make Christmas the holiday we never grow too old to find enchanting. Roseanne you have been in my corner sicne you first opened your guest blog spot me. I was deeply thankful for that gift. Little did I know that wouold eb the start of something that has touched my heart and spirit. You are such a beautiful person, and I with deep revernece, now call you, friend. Thank you for your ongoing, as in daily, support and encouragement for what I am trying to do here.

And to my other daily and staunchest supporters...with little more than the loving wave of your Track Changer along with the generous explanation for those marks, you have undone the cruelety of two "professionals" from years ago and allowed me to soar in so many way. Thank you both.

And to those others who will be here later, my sisters, you have absorbed me into a family that enriches me every day in every way. Thank you Rebecca, Ginger, Larion, Nancy, Mary, the list goes on...and Jim...thank you too for your humor and for Pris.

Unknown said...

Another stellar post. Reading your blog makes me want to buy every book and read it. Great job on a book today that is near and dear to your heart.


P.S. actually every time I log onto your blog, I have a sudden desire for Pistachio ice cream. :)

BarbaraB said...

Lin, the heart of your story has been brought to life by Delilah in this delightful cover for your book. Congratulations to both of you. It looks like a fun read with some substance to it.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

your first release, what a milestone for you. congratulations and the best of success with it.

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Lin, your story looks captivating! I'm excited so excited for your first release...and the many to follow!


Karen McGrath said...

Lin, congrats! I love this cover and this makes it all the more intriguing. :)

N.J.Walters said...

You did it again. Another amazing cover post. :)

The story sounds wonderful!