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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Growing old is NOT for the faint of heart.

The mind remembers when you did not need

to caulk your

saggy skin back where it originated, even though it has grown rather affectionate with your lower regions.


the weatherman DESPITE all this

Doppler stuff is wrong a lot of the time, but arthritis is a 100% on the money early alert system for

violent storms preparing to threaten tomorrow's horizon.

I also think that something went horribly wrong when mankind rose up from his four appendages to the

two we all so proudly encourage our offspring to emulate. Walking on two legs?

Okay apes do it, but we ARE

related to them, according to science.

I have been upright since I was

a wee thing. I'm not a wee thing any more and the years of gravitational pull

on my spinal cord is now letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that gravity and walking upright, do not treat the human experience kindly.

We won't discuss

the thinning of the locks we all, male and female, spent hours caressing, teasing, conditioning, cutting, styling, and preening over throughout our many years. I am lucky. I still have a full head of hair, although it is pretty much whatever color comes out of the Nice and Easy Bottle now...and no...I'm not going to talk about my "once upon a time" days when my hair had it's natural color...far too depressing a topic, and aging is depressing enough, thank you very much! Right now I am in my "pure as the driven snow platinum blonde...NOT WHITE...phase."

Now that I have sort of introduced myself...at least I've introduced my maturity issues I hope well enough to let you know I deal with many, I should give you a name. Calling out,

"Hey Old Lady," when you see me, just seems...rude!

My name is Gloria Hart and I am married to that old guy in the modified Speedo's soaking up the Florida rays. We're what the Natives call,

"Snowbirds." Like the mating cycle of

salmons swimming upstream,

or lemmings stepping off that mighty high cliff, we head for

Florida at the first hint of a winter freeze. 

We ADORE it's delicious fresh squeezed, right off the tree,

 orange juice, its feathery fronds dancing in the ocean's caress atop

the palm trees, and temperatures that  dare

Old Man Winter to hurl his snowy breath our way, and yeah, the friends too.

Like us, there are many OTHER snowbirds determined to have their

sundials set on

Florida Winters, and return year after year. I adore dipping my no longer petite self in the balmy waters while gossiping with my other Snowbird neighbors. (We're NOT as popular with the year-rounders, for some reason. Don't understand that, but to each his own.)

Jim and I live at the

Citrus Ridge retirement community, and this season my too easily bored hubby has volunteered to be a

First Responder and that's why we find ourselves

wrinkle deep in a rash of

mysterious deaths.

Look at me...do you think "private eye" when you see me through your


Sunshine Boulevard...more is happening behind closed doors than Jim and Gloria could ever have anticipated...things that lead to the oh no, is that a naked lady, a DEAD naked lady, lying in

the geranium bed?

Can Jim and Gloria investigate, stay out of harm's way AND enjoy another Snowbird Winter, or will they get too close to danger for their own good?

Sunshine Boulevard, by J.Q. Rose,

cover art by Muse Publishing, Inc. very own

Cover Art Goddess, Delilah k. Stephans will be releasing from the

Muse It Up Publishing side of Muse Publishing, Inc.

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Roseanne Dowell said...

Okay, why can I relate to so many of those things? I can't wait to read this one.

Lin said...

I haven't even advertised this yet. How DID you find this? (Lin rises from her seat and begins looking high and low for a spycam...and looking low when your old is an adventure all by itself.)

Karen McGrath said...

Very cute, Lin! Love this story! :) And right on the money. Strange happenings on Sunshine Boulevard!

Anonymous said...

J.Q. sounds intriguing - in fact, it's a reading audience I could relate to. Congratulations on Sunshine Boulevard - and Lin - you did it again. Nice stationary trailer...actually, excellent.

Heather Haven said...

When I saw the trailer several months ago, I thought it would be a great read. This treatment from Lin has cemented it, tho. Must read this book!

Susan Hornbach said...

Well, I loved the trailer Lin, as always, and let me see, yes, I think the character in this book could very well be me.

Sisters in Crime Central Coast Chapter said...

This is a kick! What a refreshing change from the same old blog fare. Congrats.

Lin said...

Thank you all for you wonderful comments. I really love doing these and hope my quirky side will please. You all let me know it does. That means a lot.

Lin said...

And Sue, i couldn't come up with questions that did anyone, the author, the publisher, the cover artist, or me justice. I'm just not creative enough to do that, so this is my way of contributing to my fellow authors.

J.Q. Rose said...

Lin, you are a master at creating these cover blogs, but this one for my book is a masterpiece....I have been raving about it all over the web and forgot to come back when it was ready to view to make a comment!! Thanks, folks, for stopping in. It was a lot of fun to write and Lin certainly caught the fun side of the story here. Thanks so much, Lin!

J.Q. Rose said...

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I re-visited the cover blog for my book. It's even more amazing and right on. It was fun to just relax and surround myself with your many clever remarks and "take" on the story. I am so caught up in the frenzy of marketing now that I forgot how much fun it was to write this story. Thanks, Lin, for creating this cover blog. I will re-visit often to remember the joy of writing.