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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Does anyone really know what it is?

Parallel worlds? That subject was touched on by the incredibly brilliant

 in his Star Trek franchises, showing thousands, maybe zillions of

alternate universes all being lived

now, and yes, not now.

H.G. Welles wrote about a

Time Machine before the rise of the

Industrial Revolution. Many speculate that

wormholes in outer space are

Nature's time machines...and maybe someday our scientists will advance enough to test that


But here, in the very near future,



2013 and within the highly classified labs of

Carltronics, science will catch up with

Einstein's theory of

relativity, condensing a

time displacement device to fit into a

back pack.

Time displacement...Moving from today, with a

flip of the switch right into tomorrow. Carltronics is

gleefully imagining the possibilities, and they are staggering. But...

Peter Ingraham raises his enthusiastic

volunteerism offering, no

promising he'll be his very own

lab rat. He's going to

step into the future and come back when

and arrive before the

gathered press to advertise his and Carltronics'

Peter adjusts the


programming the

coordinances for 24 hours from now, puts on the pack,

grins broadly at his work associate, pushes the switch, and



mice and men...rarely does

Nature err in the favor of men's plans. Will Peter reappear before the

coterie of the press?

Will he ever reappear? And

where the hell did he go when he left?

TEN YEARS, cover by the talented Muse

Sci-Fi King and Cover Art God,

Tiger Matthews, story brought to spine-tingling life by Muse's

Superman of science play, James Hartley, AND is

releasing from the

side of

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