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L.J. Holmes
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I LOVE being A LITTLE CRUSHED...so will you!

A chip on her shoulder...

Yep Rebecca Harding is one huge walking

shoulder chip.

Max Jackson is one hundred percent uncertain he has what it takes to spend a year

teaching, but he's here and means to give it his best...however, he's about to become the very angry, very disrespectful, very misunderstood, Rebecca's teacher...oh dear.

Clashing like two run away trains on the same track, one heading north, the other south.

Collision Time.

A LITTLE CRUSHED by Viviane Brentanos is a rich journey exposing the deep, erratic course, recovering from unspeakable violence takes and the equally harrowing path those closest to the victim also must traverse.


heart wrenching and

life renewing...

This book has it all!

For more information about this book, click here...A LITTLE CRUSHED. And while you're at it, check out

Ms. Brentanos' AUTHOR PAGE to learn about this gifted author and get a list of her other available books.