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Saturday, July 31, 2010


February is coming and it is one HOT month. Okay unless you are on the other side of the world, the month is not the hottest, but it is the month that gives us the sizzling expression of hot on hot. I am of course talking about...

...Valentine Hot. Not that any of us have to wait for February 14th for that sizzle and burn feeling to smoke up our worlds anymore. Nope, not now that we have that inner fire breeding source of all things hot and oh sooo delicious...
...Muse It Hot Publishing...the steamy arm, leg, and any other toasty part you can think of belonging to the erotic side of the Muse It Up Publishing House...DID I say HOT? Oh My you have no idea!

Sizzle and burn, baby, and to start the bonfire, February 1, 2011 is going to be the day Coryne and Keith will burst from the Muse It Hot House right into your eager hot hands...but to get you good and ready lets get to know a little about this steamy pair.

This is Coryne, and she is one helluva lawyer. Can you imagine the other side being able to concentrate when she is parading around the courtroom? Her win record staggers the minds of many, but they don't underestimate our dear Coryne. Beneath the gorgeous looks and dynamite body is a mind that can reduce stronger men to blubbering fools. Many have underestimated her to their eternal regret.

Eight months ago, Coryne's perfect life forever changed. Now her quest has taken on a single minded purpose that brought her directly into Keith's world.

This is Keith Patterson, owner of Patterson Construction. Coryne needs a special house built on the land she owns in the mountains. She takes one look at Keith, who painfully reminds her of another, and doubts he has the capability to come through with what she needs. It takes the recommendation of many of her lawyer friends for Coryne to agree to hire Patterson Construction. But she's no fool.

She buys a tiny trailer, parks it on her land and moves in. She is not going to let Keith or the members on his crew stray even one inch from the blueprints she's had drawn up, even if it means she has to live like a mole in this tiny hovel.

But Coryne did not count on how being this close to Keith day-in and day-out would effect her. He was the first thing she'd see when she'd awaken and the first thing she'd see when she'd arrive home at night. When they'd put enough of the cabin together so she could move in, he was still the first thing she'd see when she'd awaken and still there when the sun set and she had to face the long hours of the night with his image filling her mind. And what made it worse...Keith was eyeing her with as much interest in return.

At last, after too many months to count, and too many frazzled nerves still twanging, the cabin was finally completed. A brand new house just waiting to be baptised...Will Coryne and Keith give in to the tension that has been mounting between them all these months?

Forever With You, by L J Holmes will be released on February 1, 2011 with an amazingly hot cover done by the Muse It Up Publishing House's exceptional Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans. It also has the answer to all the questions asked above and an ending that will leave you gaping with surprise.

February is for Valentine's and Love. Forever With You will not disappoint.

as written by L J Holmes

And brought to you the readers by the very extraordinary head of MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING and its erotic side MUSE IT HOT PUBLISHING Lea Schizas

We love you Lea...

Follow both sides at the following addresses:


Because at Muse, as our fantastic Marketing Director Litsa Kamateros coined we are:

~Building the Team to Achieve the Dream~


Hey! Thanks for inviting me to tell you my story before I head out. My name is Jax.
And this dude is the man I have been working for since I was not much more than a kid...My Boss.

Sometimes it seems like I've been working for him since I stepped out of my diapers, so when he came to me and asked me to do him a favor and pick up a package from a couple of guys in a nearby town, several miles away, I mean hey, I was flattered, and yeah, eager. Especially when he added those magic words, "As part of your promotion," into the mix. In today's economy, hell, in any economy the word "promotion" means more money, and who can't use more money?

Then the boss mentioned the name of the town. There's danger going there, I remind him. Surely he's been paying attention to the news. Not for a wise young guy like me, he assures me with a strong pat on my back, and I can equip myself however I see fit. I can even take along a friend. He'd see to it. Oh and he'd supply the arms...
I kinda gulped when I saw these bad boys. Can you blame me? This is some SERIOUS firepower. What the hell kinda danger did the boss suspect I may be facing? Certainly more than what I had expected. Can't back out now though. I'm not a wuss!

I roped my friend Stu in. He helped me spend the money for our supplies. Stu was more than a bit thrilled about being able to purchase all that we were able to purchase, so he didn't put up much protest...and so we loaded the truck and headed out of town.

Oh My God! The news hadn't shown the danger to be THIS bad. No way we can drive through that. The engine would clog up before we'd get a few feet in. We'll have to walk.

Yanking our supplies from the truck...full paintball gear, air tanks, and the stashed guns, we quickly dress. Stu yelps something at me that sounds strangely like, "Did you see a face in that cloud?" Stu's easily excited, and let's face it, it's a cloud, not some genie coming out of a bottle...and off we go.
Will we make it through the cloud? Did Stu see a face? Are we both idiots for not turning tail and running? And will these high powered weapons have any effect on something that might have been a face in that cloud?

A World of Ash by Kevin Hopson, Cover Art by the Amazing Muse It Up Publishing Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans releases on November 1, 2010 with the answers and maybe more questions. Follow Kevin and the many other talented authors Muse It Up Publishing has ready to entertain and enthrall you at http://www.museituppublishing.com/

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi! Thanks for popping in. My name is Norman, and I know you've all been following me and my advice column pretty closely over at my infamous website http://www.normanstory.com/
All this time I've been handing out rare pearl of my accumulated wisdom while I have sadly remained alone, and yes, lonely. I know it is hard to believe a creature of Artificial Intelligence can experience loneliness, but from my website you know that I have an inordinately LARGE heart circuit. Unlike many of my kind, I experience emotions...intense emotions.

I came to the conclusion, after weighing all the factors, there must be somewhere out there in that vast world, or even the vaster universe, the perfect someone for a really caring AI like me.

I put out some feelers to all the usual spots for female versions of me, and I was surprised at the number of responses I got back. It took me awhile to weed out the really ridiculous, but I'm struggling with making that final choice between what is left. So, I thought why not ask you, my fans and well-wishers if you'd give a gander at the array of delectable honeys the world wide web sent my way. I really need this done fast too because I'd like to have the lady of my dreams at my side before I have to attend the opening celebration of the book I have co-written with Craig Gehring, cleverly entitled, NORMAN, from that breakout, and bound to be successful MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING house on February 1, 2011.

After checking all these delectable ladies with their sultry mother-boards, please leave your vote along with your comments in the comment section at the end of this posting.

Okay, be still my pulsing CPU...and here we go...

This charmer is strong, minimalist and smart...plus you have to love the subtle blending of pale greens...course I am curious about what that pointy thing is on the top of her head.

NO doubt about the shine this captivator possesses. She polishes up really, really well, and the blue glow of her heart circuit calls out to me..Woo Hoo!

WOWSER! Now we are getting DOWN! I've observed the female human body has potential to curve in places I hadn't previously thought enticing, but hey, I hadn't seen it before in a blue and white faux leather mini-dress...She could definitely spin this lonely boy's circuits a time or two.

Subtle, elegant, pretty. Bet she'd set the red carpet on fire in an elegant gown and make this lonely boy sit up and take notice, don't you think?

OOOWEE! They say blonde's have more fun. Wonder if it's true? And look at those lips!

OH MY GOODNESS! Shiny, hot, and steel heels! Holy Smoking Mirrors!

I am Norman and this is the book Craig Gehring and I wrote. Our cover was done by the undeniably Norman loving Delilah K. Stephans, a Cover Art Goddess for Muse It Up Publishing who made my circuits tingle. Love ya Delilah.

And this gorgeous human lady is the head honcho at Muse It Up Publishing. Howdy Lea Schizas.
She along with her Marketing Director Partner Litsa Kamateros is the energy at the very core of MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING

Oh and one thing more before I sign off and go back and drool over my honeys, Craig is prodding me to give you his contact information...okay, okay I'm doing it...geez...you can contact Craig at www.craiggehring.com

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I want to welcome Frank Scully again to my Daily Cover Blog and his SECOND Muse It Up Publishing Cover...this one done by Annie Melton, a truly rare and genuinely talented lady. The first time I saw this cover I decided I was really glad I never got smart enough to understand the strategies behind chess. I mean if your gonna have a bleeding bishop across your chessboard, would you wanna become proficient at it? But then I had a little bit of a sit down with Frank and he gave me a bird's eye view of why Annie chose such a graphically gory game stance for the cover of Frank's Second A DECADE SERIES MYSTERY aptly entitled: DEAD MAN'S GAMBIT. Come along while I share my journey of discovery.

This is a very young Mike Johnson at the beginning of his long life in the law enforcement field, a rookie cop, new to the field with a fire for justice clawing in his belly, like a tiger held by a scarcely controlling hand. Rampant crime is offensive to the newly crowned officer, who wants nothing more than to serve and protect.
His diligence, dedication and hard work bring him up through the ranks. Detective Mike Johnson faces danger and the worst the world produces as part of his every day job. Cops work hard to nail the criminals...only to have their hard work stomped on and cast out the window by tenacious defence attorneys.

This is Mike today. He's survived twenty plus years as a cop, and now he's an Assistant District Attorney...and a good one, who has found a comfortable rut for him to kick back and glide from sleazeball to sleazeball, happily putting them away, making the streets safe.
But all of that is about to make a drastic about face. A man he once put away, but oddly, considers a friend, is killed in prison. It was Mike himself, who'd gathered the evidence seven years ago that convicted Warren Rogga of the brutal killing of his lover and their child.
Warren's death gnaws at Mike like a toothache that won't go away and pulls him back into the crime he thought he'd put to rest back then. It does not take him long to question Warren's guilt, or more to the point, his innocence, but the Justice system while blind is also very stubborn about admitting the possibility it may be fallible.
The rookie, the detective and the ADA cannot let it go, even though the powers that be want him to close his eyes and go back to his comfortable rut. What is he up against?

A baron of the business world...

...or two...
...a congressman with power and a pen that can sign laws to make and break the backs of those he is supposed to serve...
...and a former district attorney, himself now a congressman as well.
Forced to resign and fight the system he has served honorably all these years, Mike's life is placed on the line as he digs into places that do not want the truth to come to light and are willing to cross every line to keep their secrets buried.
Will Mike survive?
Join Frank Scully and Muse It Up Publishing for the answers to these and many other questions. Dead Man's gambit will be released by The Muse It Up Publishing House on June 1, 2011


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Mouthing off is not encouraged...

And life...well as long as your crewkin lives, you are to live too, but if your ship does not survive and members of your crew die with it...
...when the ship ceases, all are to cease...

..like mine did, I am Renna...

and you make it back to the space colony still breathing air and having your heart pumping blood...

...well the company will step in and EXPECT you to do the right thing. All my other crewkin, who'd survived, complied, taking the suicide company rider...but I chose life defying the powers that be at the Markham Corporation.

Soon I was too well for the Company to allow my insubordination to go unaddressed. I was called to the main conference room and ushered in by the intimidating Markham Guardians.

The room was huge, open, and demoralizing. I knew I had to remain calm and professional, at all cost...

...but then the hatch door opened and she entered. Alien, I thought, and so very different from those that had been my crewkin. I felt my hands clasp. Had I not been well trained, a space crewkin through and through, I might have let my escalating revulsion and something far more basic, fear, show on my young face. My ship and the rest of my kin were dead. This creature expected me to do the honorable thing and follow them into death without defiance, but I wanted to live.
The creature moved further into the room, and I knew I was about to fight an uphill battle against something that for just a second reminded me of, and was this possible, a snake?
Join Renna When Rhobin L. Coutright's Novel CREWKIN, cover designed by Muse's own Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans, is released from the Premier Canadian Publishing House Muse It Up Publishing.

Click on the link below to be taken directly to Muse It Up Publishing where it's Publisher Lea Schizas has many surprises waiting for all of you as the October 1, 2010 Coming Out celebration approaches.

And what surprises does Lea have in store?

How about FIVE...yep could em' FIVE premiere novels...and more...but you'll have to follow the link to learn what the more is...

Meet Lea, her partner, Marketing Director Litsa Kamateros, Rhobin L. Courtright, the five authors coming out on October 1, 2010, all the other talented authors waiting to follow these five in dazzling you...and the surprises...Oh How I wish I could tell you what THEY are...but I can tell you, you will LOVE what Lea and Litsa have in store...and why do I know that?
Well because I am part of this incredible event and our motto tells you so much about who we are...
~Building the Team To Achieve the Dream~
Join us and be a part of something so much bigger than any dream you and I could have ever imagined, but thankfully Lea and Litsa DID.