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Saturday, July 3, 2010


~Building the Team to Achieve The Dream~

Muse It Up Publishing

Grounds for Murder by John Russo; Release Date 9/10/2010

Deliliah Stephans created this arresting cover for John's debut Muse novel. The cover speak volumes but I can give you a few clues about the story behind the cover. Now if you want to be surprised, close your eyes and scroll down to the end so you can leave glowing accolades for Delilah and John, but if you do want some clues, read on...

What do you do when people all around you are becoming mysteriously ill? Well if you're Nora Huggins, former president of The New England Mystery Readers Club, and an avid mystery reader, you investigate of course. (Move over Miss Marple.)

Follow Nora as she delves into the volatile world of Coffee and the GROUNDS FOR MURDER. (I knew there was a reason why I never got hooked on the stuff.)

Follow this LINK and read in Nora's own words why she decided to investigate and where the investigation leads her.

For now, I am signing off, but check back for more Muse It Up and Muse It Hot News.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Okay, I followed the link and Nora hooked me completely. I can't wait to read this book. I love the cover.

Kat said...

All the Muse covers rock. Can't wait to see yours when it's done Ro. But I have to admit, I'm kinda partial to mine. LOL

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Grounds for Murder was what I perceived as a 'real' cozy mystery. Main character is a somebody like us who wants to solve a puzzle. What I love about cozies is that you, along with the character, are trying to solve it too.

Thank you for hosting John's cover, Lin.

Lin said...

It is my honor to host the Muse authors and artists. I am privileged to eb in on the start of all of this, so am in the rare place to marvel at the talents about to be introduced to a world that can never have enough of the best. Thank YOU MuseItUp Publishing for bringing us so much talent.