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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yoda has a secret...

Can you tell what his secret is?

Muse's October debut...shhh...hold on a second while Yoda checks over his shoudler. Have to make sure no one else is listening in.

Okay, here's his secret...Muse It Up Publishing quietly, yeah right, advanced their debut date from October 1, 2010 to...and can you believe Lea Schizas, the Head Honcho at Muse managed to pull this off successfully...

...September 10, 2010 and it was a blaring, blazing, Yipee Aye Yay Kai Ohhh success...and Yoda ought to know, 'cause he was there smack dab in the middle of all the excitement. 

Okay, does this mean Yoda's secret is ONLY about the unprecedented early debut of SIX Muse books? Or is there more? With Lea at the helm, need you ask? So what does this mean for now?

Two little birds are they sharing the secret? Are they even talking about the SAME secret? It can't be the identy of today's Cover Artist, since I gave away THAT secret yesterday when I let it slip...(I am SOO bad with secrets)...that all SIX of the September 10th release novels from Muse It Up Publishing were done by Cover Goddess, Delilah Stephans.

Oh My, does everyone know the secret? Wait a minute. Yoda has a secret and we know his has something to do with what comes AFTER the world rocking debut. But would birds and two adorbale little girls be this excited about something that is months away? Knowing kids and birds, I doubt it. So what could be the message flying from beak to beak and mouth to mouth?

I promised not to tell, but you know how you get when you have a really really good secret and are just busting to share it? Well that's me. I'm just busting to tell you what the birds and the little girls are chattering about, and what I have been trying to shush myself over sharing. Forgive me oh Great Oath Keeper!

Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball, another stellar novel was released on September 10th with all the fanfare it deserves, AND...oh my goodness, be still my beating heart...it made the Best Seller List...Not bad for a "subtle" early release.

Meet Dancing Cat of Harvest Moon, fame.
Alone, and lonely, Dancing Cat listens to the rythmic tattoo of her tribal drums, struggling against the knowledge her kin call her "The Cursed One"...

...Reduced to being nothing more substantial than a Gatherer who fetches water while the rest fear her presence amongst them.

How did it come to this? she'd obeyed her Chief, and her elders, yet here she still sits, no longer included.
How long can she remain separated from all she knows before the solitude wears on her and can no longer be endured? Deep inside Desert Cat knows she was born to be more than an outcast, but she could never have imagined where her impetuous desire to shine inspite of her Tribe's condemnation, would take her.

Follow DESERT CAT for even more secrets...but shush...remember they ARE secrets!

Honoring our artitsts and authors is only part of what is amazing about Muse It UP Publishing. There is the Captain who is at the helm, ably guiding the Muse It Launch, and the October Halloween Fest, where every day throughout all fo October one of our authors regales one and all with something Halloweeny at the Muse It Up Blog.

Please allow me the honor of showing you who the captain is and JUST how able she is to launch all that is Muse It Up Publishing.

Join me in welcoming the center of Muse It Up Publishing, Ms. Lea Schizas.

Follow Lea to the Muse It Up Website for More News!


Roseanne Dowell said...

Great job, (as usual) Lin. I love the part about the secrets. I, for one, can't wait until the books come out. Well, I don't want summer to end yet and I know what October brings, but it will be fun. I can't wait to see what other surprises you and Lea have in store for us.

Lin said...

Muse It Up has a lot of covers waiting in line for their turn to shine...so stay tuned.

Kat said...

Yeah Mom. Like (ahem) mine! hehehe

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Lin, I absolutely love the way you build each blog post. I just need to always continue reading to find out where the heck you're going with things. :)