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Sunday, July 4, 2010



I want to thank our delightful Marketing Director Litsa Kamateros who unselfishly gave Muse it's superior motto:

And that brings me to today's cover by the Cover Goddess DELILAH STEPHANS.

Today, Delilah designed the cover for DEBRA K. DUNLAP's Fallon O' Reilly and The Ice Queen's Lair, a YA release from Muse It Up Publishing coming early...SURPRISE...NOT on October 1, 2010...oh no...Our clever Lea quietly, like a sonic boom, released six, that's SIX of our books on, can you believe this...September 10th, 2010 and this title made the BEST SELLER'S LIST! It's true. 100% true...but then that's no surprise really...because Muse ONLY offers the best.
Fallon O'Reilly is twelve years old, and adept in magic. Join her as she enters her first year at Alaska's secret school for Magicals where not everyone she meets will have a pulse, but all of them have suprises in store for Fallon's discovery.

Fallon O'Reilly and The Ice Queen's Lair is do to be released by Muse It Up Publishing with the debuted with queit...like an atom bomb going off...celebration on September 10th, 2010.  Learn about Fallon by CLICKING HERE. And once you're reading Fallon's posting, check out the entire Muse It Up Blog for more interviews with soon-to-be-released characters from the multi-talented Muse Family, and follow the Muse It Link to our Muse It Up Bookstore.


Lea said...

Lin, what can I say? Love your blog because it's your enthusiasm that is so bloody addictive. Love it! Keep up the good work. I'm truly enjoying the posts.

Now, I won't comment on your 'what's happening in October' because, well, I know. :)

shakingsystem said...

Lin, I thank you for acknowledging the motto,"Building the team to achieve the dream."

What should be realised is the importance and contribution of each and every one of the authors/editors/cover artists lying at the heart and soul of our company Museitup Publishing.

Think of Lea and myself as the engine of a car...and everyone else as the nuts and bolts...all parts are critical and are the driving force of this vehicule.

....now may the races begin...

Litsa Kamateros
Marketing Director
Museitup Publishing

Lin said...

Sorry Litsa but you and Lea contribute in ways that the rest of us can't help but ackowledge with deep appreciation. Kudos M'Lady for a stellar motto.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

what skeptics? Where? I don't see none where I'm standing.

Kat said...

Hey Mom, great as always. Can't wait to see which cover goes up next.

Lin said...

In case there are any, they will be belivers soon, Larriane. I'm so delighted to be showcasing Muse's fantastic artitsts and authors. I'm also really excited about the debut release scheduled for October 1, 2010.