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Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi! Thanks for popping in. My name is Norman, and I know you've all been following me and my advice column pretty closely over at my infamous website http://www.normanstory.com/
All this time I've been handing out rare pearl of my accumulated wisdom while I have sadly remained alone, and yes, lonely. I know it is hard to believe a creature of Artificial Intelligence can experience loneliness, but from my website you know that I have an inordinately LARGE heart circuit. Unlike many of my kind, I experience emotions...intense emotions.

I came to the conclusion, after weighing all the factors, there must be somewhere out there in that vast world, or even the vaster universe, the perfect someone for a really caring AI like me.

I put out some feelers to all the usual spots for female versions of me, and I was surprised at the number of responses I got back. It took me awhile to weed out the really ridiculous, but I'm struggling with making that final choice between what is left. So, I thought why not ask you, my fans and well-wishers if you'd give a gander at the array of delectable honeys the world wide web sent my way. I really need this done fast too because I'd like to have the lady of my dreams at my side before I have to attend the opening celebration of the book I have co-written with Craig Gehring, cleverly entitled, NORMAN, from that breakout, and bound to be successful MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING house on February 1, 2011.

After checking all these delectable ladies with their sultry mother-boards, please leave your vote along with your comments in the comment section at the end of this posting.

Okay, be still my pulsing CPU...and here we go...

This charmer is strong, minimalist and smart...plus you have to love the subtle blending of pale greens...course I am curious about what that pointy thing is on the top of her head.

NO doubt about the shine this captivator possesses. She polishes up really, really well, and the blue glow of her heart circuit calls out to me..Woo Hoo!

WOWSER! Now we are getting DOWN! I've observed the female human body has potential to curve in places I hadn't previously thought enticing, but hey, I hadn't seen it before in a blue and white faux leather mini-dress...She could definitely spin this lonely boy's circuits a time or two.

Subtle, elegant, pretty. Bet she'd set the red carpet on fire in an elegant gown and make this lonely boy sit up and take notice, don't you think?

OOOWEE! They say blonde's have more fun. Wonder if it's true? And look at those lips!

OH MY GOODNESS! Shiny, hot, and steel heels! Holy Smoking Mirrors!

I am Norman and this is the book Craig Gehring and I wrote. Our cover was done by the undeniably Norman loving Delilah K. Stephans, a Cover Art Goddess for Muse It Up Publishing who made my circuits tingle. Love ya Delilah.

And this gorgeous human lady is the head honcho at Muse It Up Publishing. Howdy Lea Schizas.
She along with her Marketing Director Partner Litsa Kamateros is the energy at the very core of MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING

Oh and one thing more before I sign off and go back and drool over my honeys, Craig is prodding me to give you his contact information...okay, okay I'm doing it...geez...you can contact Craig at www.craiggehring.com


Arlene said...

Thank you, Norman, for an wonderful peek into what makes you tick. If you're a one robot, robot, my vote says give the rose to that shiny silver lady with the steel heels.
Love how unique this post is!

Lin said...

Norman told me to make sure I thank you Arlene for comign over and making your vote. He also wanted me to tell you that she does reflect all that he feels right back at him in a delightfully cracking way.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

the Holy Smoking Mirrors gal is my choice for Norman. Hot!! But may fry his circuits. :)

Karen McGrath said...

Great post, Lin! Hi Norman!

Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

I think Norman would appreciate Subtle, elegant, pretty. He wants someone who is sensitive to his desires but also good company. Clever post Lin.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Oh Norman. I vote for the shiny,hot and high heels polished steel version. Think of all the possibilites! No need for mirrors on the ceiling at all.

Delilah said...


I'm going to vote for WOWSER! But then I like being different from everyone else.

Forget the blonde - I've heard they're troubel.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I'm with emily on my vote. go for it norman.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Wow, those are some hot babes. Tough decision, Norman, but I really think you should make the choice. It's your life, after all. Just follow your heart!
Lin, I loved what you did with this post. You are such a creative, talented lady. I can't wait to get my cover and see what you do with it.

Lin said...

Norman is hovering...actually he plugs in every half hour and is tabulating so far the hots steel chick is in the lead. Misty Green with the strange head appendage hasn't one little vote nore has the other shiny but less polished lady. The blonde seems to cause suspicion and maybe it's because it's wearing FAUX leather, that mini-dress just has not impressed. He wants me to thank you all and hopes the votes keep on coming.

Janie said...

Though we all think the silver zowie in the steel stillettos is hot, she just isn't Norman's mate. Let's face it. Norman's the CPU next door. He's never going to score one of those flashy models. I say give him the beauty with the blue heart glow. He'll be happy for a long long time.

Kat said...

My vote is for the skinny, hot and steel heels lady.:-)

S.Durham said...

A little late, but I keep coming back to the gal in the white faux leather and blue. I think she looks intelligent with an underlying passion. That's my vote Norman. Let us know who you end up with though!