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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Resurrection Garden, by Frank Scully is coming out on January 1, 2011, and of course has the benefit of having another cover masterpiece by Goddess Delilah Stephans, a member of the Muse It Up Publishing Royalty.
Excellent job Delilah and Frank.
Frank is a master of so many trades, you know he is bringing his eclectic genius to his writing career. Just to name a few, Frank, born in North Dakota, a few decades or more ago, has a law degree, he served in the US Army in Viet Nam and Thailand, has owned his own small business and practiced, very well, the art of law. In other words, boy does he have stories to tell! He begins telling them in Resurrection Garden, the FIRST in his MYSTERY DECADE SERIES.

Resurrection Garden takes place...bet you'll be surprised to learn n North Dakota, but not modern North Dakota. NOPE! Frank is taking us back to the rough and tumble days of late 19th Century North Dakota, when it was open plains settled by strong, resilient immigrants from around the world.

Come along with me and meet Jake Turner.

I suppose I should clarify that. ACTUALLY, it's DEPUTY SHERIFF Jake Turner, of the small town of Tenbury, North Dakota.

It's a part time job, that allows him to have a free room above the office and a lot of spare time to do other jobs...when, that is, he's not discovering dead bodies in snow banks.
But back to the lure of 19th Century expansion. The railroad has arrived with tracks and engines, opening up the great western territories for the homesteading immigrants from all around the world.

But expansion also brings crime, and that's where Jake comes in. He is an unusual lawman. He's adept at using the handgun and rifle, even has a reputation...some earned, some exaggerated by the dime novel writers of the time, but he never enjoyed using them. Still that's his history.

The body Jake finds in the melting snow, has a history too. Beaten, stabbed and then shot by both a rifle and a handgun, someone really wanted this guy dead. Few care about why, including the man's own family. Still more want Jake to look the other way, but it's his job to serve justice, even when there's a cost.

Untangling the web surrounding this murder could cost Jake more than his life.

Graves will be dug at the end, but whose? How many will meet their maker as the killers do all they can to keep from facing the Long Arm of Jake Turner's Law? Join Frank Scully, Muse It Up Publishing and Jake on January 1st, 2011 and begin your New Year back in North Dakota circa the late 18 early 19 hundreds.

To learn more about MuseItUp Publishing, Frank Scully and the second in the Mystery Decade Series CHECK HERE.

Also, please come back tomorrow to see who is next in MY ongoing series A COVER A DAY KEEPS THE SKEPTICS AWAY.

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Kat said...

Why is it when I see pics of locomotives, guns and sheriff badges the first thing that springs to mind is old west train robberies?:-) Excellent post Mom and great sounding book Frank.

Ginger Simpson said...

You do such a service for the authors with your delightful display of additional artwork. I know how time consuming it is, and I look forward to having a cover to see how you present it. You're pretty amazing.

Lin said...

I am eager to get your cover too, Ginger. I want to do you proud. Roseanne is also one I am eagerly waiting for..and Kat...you'rs is comign up soon too. Have Yahtzee die will travel! :>)Place your bets. Okay bones don't fail me now? Toss them ivories!

Karen McGrath said...

Lin, you are doing great promo work here! :)

Lin said...

Thank you, Karen. I look forward to the day I can do your cover too. Thank you for your ongoign support to my delight in my fellow authors and our astounding cover artists. It means a lot.