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Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Official!

Hi it's me Kat Holmes. I have hijacked my Mom's blog to show you all her wonderful new cover for In From The Cold. The supremely talented Delilah K. Stephens did the cover. Isn't it awesome? I love this cover and it's smoking hot! You can't go wrong with a cover that has Jimmy Thomas on it. In From The Cold will release from Muse It Hot on June 01, 2011. But for now you can enjoy the cover. I love you Mom! I have to add one more. Mom got another cover after I posted this so I am putting it up.


Karen McGrath said...

Awesome cover!

Lin said...

I love you too, Angel. Thanks for beating the tom toms so everyone can see my stunning new cover. I so love it, and Kat, I don't mind you highjacking my blog. Come on in any old time. Especially now since you are dedicating your blog for the entire month of July to your Summer Bash of author guest blogs. In fact why don't you come in and do a posting about your current WIP. Let the world know what a spellbinding story it is.(If you don't I may.)

And Karen, I cannot claim any credit for the awesomeness of this cover. Delilah alone is responsible, but she absolutely nailed 50...yep she's 50 year old Mari and 36 year old Elliot.

Kat said...

LOL I did again. I added your second cover. Delilah rocks.