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Saturday, January 29, 2011





Greece is steeped in all.

Myth: The ancient gods

with their Pantheon

of power.


Something from days long past...no longer a part of the world today... 

...no longer relevant

in this age of automobiles and airplanes.


man transforming what was, creating what will be.

The gods and the demons are gone, long buried in the annals of time...aren't they?

But suppose, just suppose Myth,

Legend, and Reality exist in this,

the current plane of man's existence?

What if the twin sons of the Mighty and Immortal Zeus

came forth to battle beside a few of the lesser immortals, satyrs,


forest nymphs...


wood nymphs...

water nymphs...
Water Nymphs - carpfairiesbyhiliuyunfl

to name a few?

And what of the demons brought forth from their hibernation by Man's fluid need to always change...improve on what history created before?

Polydeukes and Kastor, sons of the powerful King of the Gods, Zeus, one born into immortality, one not, bound together by more than the blood of a mortal mother and immortal father enter the fray.

Rising from the portals reopened by man are the Lamias...snake women...




all with lethal intent.

But when Kastor, the mortal son dies in battle, Polydeukes begs, borrows, and enters into a pact his father Zeus, and his uncle

Hades, Lord of the Underworld will take great exception to.

Can Polydeukes find a permanent solution to the current pact that allows Kastor to live one day and Polydeukes to live the next...each stepping into the life of Kastor, the mortal warrior?

Will Polydeukes find the answer before Kastor learns the truth invalidating the tenuous pact...and before either Dear Old Dad,

or Uncle Hades,

realize the crime no Immortal is allowed to commit has been committed...bringing the dead back to life? A crime that could mean spending forever in the land of horrors,

Tartarus, guarded by the stuff of nightmares

Cerberus, for both sons.

Dioscuri, by

Chrystalla Thoma

is an amazing journey into the Pantheon of the Greek Gods and the roles they play in our modern times.



Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. cover by Muse's very own goddess,

Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans will be released on March 1st. 2011.

This is a must read for anyone fascinated by the

Greek gods and those who wonder what it would be like to have the gods monitoring the world of man today.

Click on the MUSE BOOK STORE link. You so will not regret it.

Ms. Thoma may also be reached at her BLOG.

And remember at Muse we are;

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let Muse Publishing's Flames Sizzle Your World.

Let our flames at

Muse Publishing Inc. sizzle your word with our February 1st releases, just in time for YOUR
Heart animations
Valentine celebration.

Muse It Up the Mainstream side and Muse It Hot, the erotic side of the Muse Publishing, Inc. has many new offerings for the eclectic tastes of many.

Follow the links attached to the books that have Cover Blogs (Stationary Trailers) to learn more.

And as Always, We Here At Muse are...
~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~

First on my list of the string of exceptional heart tones from Muse is...

Norman, from the Muse It Up Side of Muse.

Norman written by Craig Gehring, is a wiser than wise example of advanced modern day Artificial Intelligence. He is also hungering for a cute she-bot of his own. Follow the above link and learn more about Norman and his heart of pure gold.

Second on my list comes from the Muse It Hot side, Forever With You.

Written by L.J. Holmes this is a story about change, resistance , passions you will want to believe you are a part of, and ultimately a surprise none of you will see coming. Meet Coryne, our heroine....

And Keith, the object of all Coryne's lustful fantasies.
And if you haven't already checked out L.J.'s FIRST Muse release, from the Muse It Up side, Santa is a Lady, follow the link to THAT cover blog.
Next is Viviane Brentanos, Written In Stone. From the Muse It Hot side.

Cassandra Hall is getting married. Her mother is dragging her around by her engagement ring making sure her wedding IS the event of the century. It's tough having a mother who rides roughshod over you...but then five freaking days my Catch-of-the Millennium that RAT

ups and calls everything off.

What's a girl to do? Well since I have the plane tickets and everything for the honeymoon has been paid for, receipts inside my handbag, what SHOULD a girl do?

A solo honeymoon had not been part of my plans, but why not make the aggravating pain-in-my-ceremony pay for me to take a much deserved vacation/honeymoon by myself?

Written In Stone...follow Cassandra Hall as she turns her frown upside down on her Honeymoon for One.

Our next offering is from the Muse It Up side again by multi-talented author Rhobin L. Courtright and is called Crewkin.


 is a member of the Crewkin. By edict when Crewkin members die, any survivors are to do the honorable thing, and die too. Renna does not want to die.

Her defiance is not encouraged. Summoned to face her superior,

Renna must make her case.Will tradition be honored, or is change in the wind? You cannot miss this action packed book about to be released from Muse It Up Publishing.

Dark heat, secrets, anger, passion...fill the pages of Christine London's Muse It Hot title, Shadows Steal The Light.

Colin Dunlow

is a rock star legend and means to be again. Nothing is going to stand in his way, not even the sultry Jazz Singer, Jenna Lindstrom...

...until he met her during rehearsals.

Stepping in as always is Colin's boyhood friend and manager...


Triangles, alcohol, and darkness where the Shadows Steal the Light make for an enriching tale that will haunt you long after you have read the last word.

See No Evil by Kendra Mei Chailyn available from Muse It Hot side is the only February 1st release I have no Cover Blog for. However, this cover, like all those presented so far, is done by Muse Publishing's very own Cover Art Goddess

Delilah K. Stephans. So I am going to suggest you look with attentive eye upon the cover because Delilah is very crafty when it comes to designing covers that tell the whole story.

Antonia Tiranth has already given us Kellan's Dragon,

already available at the Muse It Up Bookstore, a book about dragons and psionics. Her February release takes us into the realm of Elves, evil wizards and a farmer who loses everything because he showed mercy to an injured elf.

Cody and The Elf, takes young farmer Cody away from the farm he grew up on. Leaving behind the parents and sister he loved when the

wizard burned them out he is taken to the land of the Elves.

But with manhood comes the need to go back and reclaim his land rights, even if it means taking on the conniving wizards and his magic.

Cody and the Elf is rich tale for young and young-of-heart as is Kellan's Dragon.

He brings us suspense...the kind that has you gnawing on your fingers, and he's back with his second journey into the place where nightmares might find you. Kevin Hopson has already given us

A World of Ash, available at the Muse Bookstore, but now he comes back with another leap in the teeth of the unknown with

Earthly Forces from the Muse It Up Side.

Seafaring men rely on that bright rotating finger of light through the turbulent waters. When the light remains dark, they know something is wrong. Follow them crew of the Sea Mac as they set off to investigate. What force is at work? Will they live or perish there on the lighthouse island? Earthly Forces await you. Are you brave enough to face them?

Marsha A. Moore's debut

 Tears on the Tranquil Lake from the Muse It Hot side of the Muse Publishing, Inc. takes us BENEATH the seas the captain in the above story sails on.

He heard he cries of despair, but what he did...changed her entire world.

A merwoman? Okay, he's the best looking man...errr..fish...er...merman she's ever clapped eyes upon, but she's human...and humans don't have fish tails.

How can she find happiness in this world so alien from all she's known, no matter how good it felt to be in his arms?

Tears on a Tranquil Lake a brilliant amalgamation of fantasy and passion by Marsha A. Moore...(sneak peak you will be seeing MUCH more from the gifted Marsha A. Moore)

Let us now travel far from those Tranquil Lakes, out beyond our own gravitational pull to Terri Lynn Main's debut Murder Mystery placed upon the

 Dark Side of The Moon from the Muse It Up Side of Muse Publishing, Inc.

Carolyn Masters has come to the Moon to teach at the University after the death of her mother. With no ties anchoring her to planet Earth, the offer came through at the right time...but the Moon colony is like any other colony...it has its bad and its good.

She's not there long when a murder calls her back into an area of expertise she'd hoped to leave back on earth's Terra firma. Dark Side of the Moon, must be on your "BUY" list if you love Sci/Fi and Murders Mysteries.

Traveling beyond limits is represented this month not JUST by Terri Lynn Main's offering. Joe Douglas Trent takes us traveling in his debut novel,

The King of Silk, but not upward to another planetoid or moon...no, Joe takes us back to 1400 Venice.

Whisked away without so much as a "Sorry to see you go,"

Michael Patriate finds himself back in a time before computers, telephones, automobiles, and without two whatever the

current cash form might be to rub together.

In other words, he's a modern man out of water who must make his own way, his own fortune and not stir the inner radar of those that are in power. Oh, and he'd also like to find a way back to his own world and time.

A lot to ask. Will Joe Douglas Trent deliver Michael back to modern times, or will poor Michael remain trapped in Venice of the 1400's? To find out, you'll have to pop over to the Muse Bookstore on February 1st and be one of the first to unravel the life and times of Michael Patriate.

From ancient Italy we travel to the Land of the

Bone Lord and Curvis the zombie about to beard the Lord in his Throne Room. Muse It Up Publishing brings us

William D. Cornwell's delicious chiller about the

Bone Lord, his

throne room and

Curvis the zombie that hopes he pleases the Bone Lord into adding him to his throne and giving Curvis eternal peace.

And last, but absolutely not least is David J. Normoyle's

YA contribution, Crimson Dream that takes us into a world hidden away from its enemies for over 300 years, but all that is about to change.

Young Deren, despised by his father for being a weakling with asthma is a

knower of the future. In his dream his sees his beloved sister

Bennie covered in a crimson river of her own blood. Deren must make Bennie into a warrior before the outside world finds them. Can he do it with his father's disbelief and disdain for him so evident?

Crimson Dream will be available for purchase at the Muse Bookstore along with the other twelve books shown here.

Click Here for the Muse Bookstore