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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's hell being dead. It's worse when you are only SORTA dead.

Most living things fear death...

and well they should. You all THINK you know what will happen when you are dead,

but you could not be more wrong.

I used to imagine, when I was still buzzing around without a care in the world, that death would lead you to a sunny place with lots of delicious experiences just waiting for you to cross over and start wallowing in them.


I'm Curvis, and I am dead, sorta. Actually I'm what the living, REALLY living beings, call a zombie.

Yep I know you all think zombies live only in the movies or bad reality television programs, but the truth is, when you die, you fall into the hands of......the BONE LORD!

The Bone Lord is the thing of your worse nightmares

and then some. His power...well it is...unspeakable!

When he aims his creaking finger your way, the very marrow in your bones shrivels in fear. 

I've just been summoned to the

Throne Room. For a zombie like me, who's kind of used to my dead-sorta existence, being called to the

Throne Room of the Bone Lord is down right ooze stopping!

I've heard tell, though cannot confirm it, that the throne is alabaster white and comprised of...mind if I gulp here again?...

Bones, skeletons of those who actually PLEASED the Bone Lord. Sound weird? To those of you still breathing with blood flowing through your veins, it is, but to those of us living the sorta-dead existence here in

Necropolis, they are the lucky ones. They are the ones who pleased the Bone Lord. They are the ones finally at peace.

Will I please the Bone Lord

earning my final rest? What will the unspeakably powerful Lord require of me first?

Follow Curvis as he makes his way towards the Throne Room and the fate, whatever the Bone Lord chooses that to be, that awaits the dead-sorta zombie.

The Bone Lord, by William D, Cornwell III; Cover Art done by Muse It Up

and Muse It Hot Publishing's 

very own Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans will be released by Muse on February 1st in the

Muse Book Store.

William D. Cornwell

can be found on his Muse Author Page.

And know that at the Muse Publication house, we have a motto we vow to live by...

... Join us and become part of the Muse Team.


S.Durham said...

Ohh Lin, Dark and lovely summation! I can't wait to read this story! Well done once again!


Kat said...

I love what you did here. It's awesome. Once again I am stunned by what you do with these cover blogs.:-)

Roseanne Dowell said...

Wow, Lin, great blog.

Anonymous said...

That was interesting and entertaining. ^^

Demon said...

I love the image of the Demon Vampire. I can respect the power of such an individual greatly.

Virgil Allen Moore