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Saturday, January 29, 2011





Greece is steeped in all.

Myth: The ancient gods

with their Pantheon

of power.


Something from days long past...no longer a part of the world today... 

...no longer relevant

in this age of automobiles and airplanes.


man transforming what was, creating what will be.

The gods and the demons are gone, long buried in the annals of time...aren't they?

But suppose, just suppose Myth,

Legend, and Reality exist in this,

the current plane of man's existence?

What if the twin sons of the Mighty and Immortal Zeus

came forth to battle beside a few of the lesser immortals, satyrs,


forest nymphs...


wood nymphs...

water nymphs...
Water Nymphs - carpfairiesbyhiliuyunfl

to name a few?

And what of the demons brought forth from their hibernation by Man's fluid need to always change...improve on what history created before?

Polydeukes and Kastor, sons of the powerful King of the Gods, Zeus, one born into immortality, one not, bound together by more than the blood of a mortal mother and immortal father enter the fray.

Rising from the portals reopened by man are the Lamias...snake women...




all with lethal intent.

But when Kastor, the mortal son dies in battle, Polydeukes begs, borrows, and enters into a pact his father Zeus, and his uncle

Hades, Lord of the Underworld will take great exception to.

Can Polydeukes find a permanent solution to the current pact that allows Kastor to live one day and Polydeukes to live the next...each stepping into the life of Kastor, the mortal warrior?

Will Polydeukes find the answer before Kastor learns the truth invalidating the tenuous pact...and before either Dear Old Dad,

or Uncle Hades,

realize the crime no Immortal is allowed to commit has been committed...bringing the dead back to life? A crime that could mean spending forever in the land of horrors,

Tartarus, guarded by the stuff of nightmares

Cerberus, for both sons.

Dioscuri, by

Chrystalla Thoma

is an amazing journey into the Pantheon of the Greek Gods and the roles they play in our modern times.



Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. cover by Muse's very own goddess,

Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans will be released on March 1st. 2011.

This is a must read for anyone fascinated by the

Greek gods and those who wonder what it would be like to have the gods monitoring the world of man today.

Click on the MUSE BOOK STORE link. You so will not regret it.

Ms. Thoma may also be reached at her BLOG.

And remember at Muse we are;


Rosalie Skinner said...

Great cover blog Lin, another stella creation.
The whole idea of the novel sounds terrific. I look forward to reading this Greek Fantasy.

Lin said...

I loved the premise of Chrystalla's story. Both my daughter, author Kat Holmes, and myself are lovers of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. The minute we saw this cover both Kat and I started bugging Chrystalla to let me do her cover blog...luckily Chrystalla was as eager for me to create this cover blog for her too.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Great job Lin. This ia an amazing story, magic and myth and some hunky Greek gods what else could a girl ask? Congrats Chrystalla and Lin


Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Another hit right over the bleachers and onto Sheffield Avenue! That's flying out of Wrigley Field for those of you who aren't familiar with Chicago baseball. I have to buy this book! And I just love your cover blogs, Lin!

Arlene said...

This one's on my must read list. In fact, all of Chrys' publications are. She's a fantastic author. Love the pictures. Great post, Lin.

Lin said...

Thank you All, it was a joy doing this cover blog, and Chrystalla, you DO have a winner here.

Sue Perkins said...

Great cover but your cover blog is fantastic! Such beautiful pictures which fully complement the blurb. I'm in awe of you Lin.

Lin said...

Thank you, Sue.

But to find the pictures, you the author, and Delilah, our amazing Cover Art Goddess, and Tiger, our new, but equally amazing Cover Art God, give me the foundation to build from. Of course, I guess it helps that I also can look at things with a slightly humorous bent on some of them...though not this one.

This one had a topic serious and full of promise and hope. It also is about the ancient cultures. I have always been fascinated by what was and so is my daughter. She and I have some really deep talks about these things.

lionmother said...

You persuaded me to come over and see the cover blog and I'm glad I did!!! Your pictures to describe this book are amazing!! I especially like the twins.:) The book also looks like a winner. I don't usually read Greek myths, but this might be my exception.

Cyrus Keith said...

Lin, you captured this story beautifully! Chrystalla Thoma will definitely establish her reputation with this novella. I can hardly wait til it releases!

S.Durham said...


Beautiful pictures! I love the premise and looking forward to reading this one! Fabulous job Lin!


Cheryl said...

Great job, Lin. I don't read a lot of this type of stuff, but I have to admit you have me interested in this one.