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L.J. Holmes
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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last week,

Irene Cavington stopped by and spoke out about her needs and the immediacy to get them met.
Today, the day before their story releases from

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc., in time for Christmas,

Beck Cavington has her say.

Welcome Beck. Last week your mother stopped by and may I say, she sounded a bit put out by you. How are things between you and your mom now?

About the same as always. Mom, can be a bit hard to take.

How so?

Well, Mom places social status and money above everything. In her mind, everyone, even those that would technically be in our same social strata are beneath her.

That must have made for a difficult childhood.

Luckily I had my best friend Angie Brightwell then, Angie Drayton now, and her parents to fill the void.

What about your Dad?

Dad left us when I was little. We have no relationship. As far as I know he could be dead.

I'm really sorry to hear that. It's hard enough to be a kid in today's world, but a kid without a father...that's really tough.

I had Angie's dad and he was really good to me. So was her mom. They sort of adopted me as a second daughter.

Last week your mom bemoaned about your lack of compliance with her suggestions for you life.

{giggling} Mom doesn't suggest; she browbeats. If Mom wants you to do something she nags and nags and nags some more until you get so tired of hearing her whine you just give in to her.

So you're going to go along with her current plan?

To marry Teddy, her current prize lapdog? No! I am not marrying him or any of the other sad excuses she parades before me.

But you are about to turn 35. Aren't you afraid of being a...pardon me for using an ancient term, spinster?

Why does everyone assume women aren't complete unless they're married? I am very happy owning my store...it's a confection store and I make everything that stocks our shelves. I have a rich personal life. My best friend Angie is about to give birth any day now making me an aunt and godmother. Where am I lacking? My store is reasonably successful, so I'm not reliant on handouts from Mom, and believe me THAT is a big part of my joy.

So you have no intentions of letting Irene push you into a marriage of convenience?

There is nothing convenient about anything connected to my mom, so no, I am NOT going to let her push me into a marriage of ANY sort. Have you SEEN the kind of losers she's urged me to marry? {shuddering} I'd have to be really desperate, and since I'm happy with my life as it is, I'll never get that desperate.

Well, I guess that pretty much says it all. Is there anything else you want my readers to know?

Yes. The Christmas War is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. tomorrow on 12/19/11. L.J. Holmes has documented my life and my war with mom very well, but she has done so with heart.

Every copy of our story purchased between now and the end of this quarter, her royalties will be going to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE a woman's shelter in Burlington County, NJ.

Ms. Holmes is a survivor that was helped by THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE when she needed that extra support to leave her monster. THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE made it possible for Ms. Holmes

and her children to escape their monster and move on to have the life they created afterwards.

When she asked me if she could write my story and told me what she wanted to do with her royalties during this time of giving and yes, Christmas Miracles, I was happy to give her exclusive access to my world. I am profoundly honored to be a part of something like this, and hope everyone will pitch in and help.

THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE relies on donations solely.

Thank you Beck Cavington for dropping by to share your side of The Christmas War.

L.J. Holmes has a total of FIVE (5) books she is donating her royalties from to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE. Please check out her Author's Page and the Buy page for each of her books.

They are:

1. Twilight Comes

2. Beyond Yesterday

3. Suc-U

4. Champagne Afternoon

5. The Christmas War

And now I want to take this opportunity to

thank everyone for the support you have given to my blogs during this past year. You have made me,

Lin and my inner voice

Nudge happy beyond our wildest imaginations.

On behalf of Nudge, Me, and all my Brothers and Sisters at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc,

Have a GLORIOUS holiday Season.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am Irene Cavington, Beck Cavington's long suffering mother. Next week on December 16th our story, Book two in The Christmas Miracles series...

THE CHRISTMAS WAR by L.J. Holmes is going to be released from Muse It Up Publishing.

Our story is the sequel to that annoying troublemaker Angie Brightwell's story from last year, ridiculously entitled


I want to alert one and all I have been unjustly represented in this sequel and may come across as someone you might not like. I need to protest this portrayal.

I am your average single mom. It isn't easy being both mother and father...so yeah, there are times when I have no choice but to give an unequivocal

no to outrageous things my daughter wanted over the years...but that is only because...well, a mother must always look out for the best interetst of her offspring.

Beck is rapidly approaching the spinsterly age of 35...so of course I am trying to introduce her to someone I hope will click and turn out to be her Mr. Right. No mother wants to see her baby alone in their golden years. Why is that so horrid?

I am careful and vet the men I introduce Beck to, but is she appreciative? No! All she wants to do is run her

Confection Store.

That's fine for now...but making candy, cookies and other tasty things, won't keep her warm at night.

I blame Angie Brightwell...now Drayton...for ratcheting down Beck's expectations. Ever since Angie's car accident all those years ago, Beck's changed and in that change she is no longer looking out for her own future best interests...so naturally it is up to me to step in and

fill that void...before my daughter disappears into


Is that so wrong?
The Christmas War, will be released from Muse It Up Publishing in only one week, on December 16th...and I need your help. I need you to

help me convince Beck the time to step up and find her perfect man is not a year from now, or, Heaven help us, ten years from now.

Oh and before I forget it, L.J. Holmes is donating all her royalties for this book and her other fall into winter releases

Beyond Yesterday, a rather intriguing story complete with a possessed northwind,

SUC-U about a corporation owned and operated by Succubi

Champagne Afternoon...ever wondered what it would be like to be dared to spend a day in a nudist camp?

and her May 2011 release, Twilight Comes, a dark story that'll leave your hair standing on end even moreso than how I've been betrayed...let me tell, that's so bad it is really good...to the Burlington County, NJ woman's shelter, The Providence House...I know, I know, generous measure...

On behalf of Beck, myself, and L.J. Holmes, thanks for stopping by. Follow the link down below to the Muse BUY page for our story and more info...(you will always find all L.J.'s other books and her author's page there too,) but remember I AM being unfairly maligned...so ignore all derogative references to me and my agenda...I am JUST a mom; no more nor less.

One more thing...Muse has created its first anthology dedicated to cancer research and treatment called

Lavender Dreams. L.J. Holmes herself introduces one of the many Muse authors that contributed to this worthwile project. To hear L.J, learn about it and be one of the very first to own this grounbreaking book, follow the link below Karen Coté's avatar.

 You won't want to miss L.J. live and Karen's incredible ingenuity on Karen's website
 And on behalf of all of the Muse Publishing Family

The Christmas War Buy Page

Happy Holidays.

Monday, November 28, 2011


She won

CHAMPAGNE AFTERNOON...one of my shortest but hottest stories. I added two more of my short stories for fairness of length...which of my nine others to date did I send her?



Her name is Carole Sutton and she is a mystery, suspense writer from across the pond, now living Down Under.

Yesterday she sent me her reaction to my work APOLOGIZING for taking so long...a
heartbeat smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, heartbeat smiley
heartbeat of time is a LONG time? You ARE a treasure Carole.

Life has this way of getting in the middle of all our intentions and our

To Do Lists. Such happened with Carole.

She read my three little tales though and graciously reviewed each one...

Let me preface this by saying the reviews of READERS fill me with pride...so let me proudly share Carole's words.

Of the three stories I really enjoyed Beyond Yesterday most. I found the back story of the grandmother really interesting and absorbing. I write crime fiction, murder mysteries and found the plotting of this one touched the spot.

I enjoyed Champagne Afternoon -- I have no idea how to write erotica, so it was interesting to see how you do it. I remember many many years ago stripping off for the nudist beach and could relate to your characters early misgivings. Though it didn't take long to become used to the idea -- but in those days it was all rather sexless!

Forever With You -- I loved the ending. All warm and fuzzy. The story reminded me of the Lady Chatterly's Lover -- which was banned in the UK at the time.

Well, best of luck with your future stories,
all the best,


Oh My Goodness! Being compared to D.H. Lawrence and


Thank you Carole...and for those interested in learning more about Carole and her works of creative ingenuity, please follow this LINK to her website.

Again, THANK YOU CAROLE. I am so glad you won my books.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dysfunction in family...what does it lead to?

A family of six children,

a social climbing mother and a father whose lines are embedded in

Plymouth Rock.

Moldering lines? Infiltrated with increasingly slimy algae?

TWILIGHT COMES...how can one day so totally splinter an up and coming Wall Street genuis's world?

Can dysfunction lead to Happily Ever After?

TWILIGHT COMES available NOW from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.

It's a typical day in Mick's life. A successful stockbroker, he battles the morning traffic, the zip of numbers across the exchange banner while making fortunes grow for his clients, and the number pounding after-images continue to haunt his brain as he drives home. This is his well ordered life.

Home. His work life is numbers, routine, and rational. His home life? Secrets percolate behind closed doors...dangerous secrets...secrets that are about to tip over.

Will Mick survive the explosion about to blow the lid off his private, seemingly perfect world? Will any of them outlast the approaching turmoil and the world finally looking in and seeing the truth behind their closed doors? Or will death and destruction be the ultimate penalty for their secrets revealed?

And lastly is the oops member of the family.  Diana is only six.  She was not supposed to be. Mother had religiously taken her birth control, but Diana happened—Mother only marginally adheres to the preaching of the Church—A first grader, she is truly the apple in all of our eyes.  In some ways, Diana represented my Mother’s greatest accomplishment.  None of her friends had managed to conceive a child that close to menopause, and while taking The Pill.  Diana raised Mother to the status of one upon whom a miracle was created. That’s heady stuff, dontcha know?

This book is one that haunted
me to write, haunted me to submit, has haunted me every day since, and from those who have read it, I have been told, they are haunted too.

In the REAL world, not everything is sunny, glowing, and beaming with joy. I wasn't certain when I wrote this, if I would have the

courage to submit it for publication...and the truth is I didn't.

I sent it to my publisher to read because I was CERTAIN I had it right...this book did NOT belong in the published world...

Imagine my shock then when via return e-mail a full contract arrived?

Is it worthy of being out here?
I don't know.

It demanded I write it, and obviously my publisher felt it belonged.

What do you think?
Here's the link to TWILIGHT COMES bookstore page. I need you to tell me...Is this haunting story worthy of being here? I hope so...I truly do.