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Monday, November 28, 2011


She won

CHAMPAGNE AFTERNOON...one of my shortest but hottest stories. I added two more of my short stories for fairness of length...which of my nine others to date did I send her?



Her name is Carole Sutton and she is a mystery, suspense writer from across the pond, now living Down Under.

Yesterday she sent me her reaction to my work APOLOGIZING for taking so long...a
heartbeat smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, heartbeat smiley
heartbeat of time is a LONG time? You ARE a treasure Carole.

Life has this way of getting in the middle of all our intentions and our

To Do Lists. Such happened with Carole.

She read my three little tales though and graciously reviewed each one...

Let me preface this by saying the reviews of READERS fill me with pride...so let me proudly share Carole's words.

Of the three stories I really enjoyed Beyond Yesterday most. I found the back story of the grandmother really interesting and absorbing. I write crime fiction, murder mysteries and found the plotting of this one touched the spot.

I enjoyed Champagne Afternoon -- I have no idea how to write erotica, so it was interesting to see how you do it. I remember many many years ago stripping off for the nudist beach and could relate to your characters early misgivings. Though it didn't take long to become used to the idea -- but in those days it was all rather sexless!

Forever With You -- I loved the ending. All warm and fuzzy. The story reminded me of the Lady Chatterly's Lover -- which was banned in the UK at the time.

Well, best of luck with your future stories,
all the best,


Oh My Goodness! Being compared to D.H. Lawrence and


Thank you Carole...and for those interested in learning more about Carole and her works of creative ingenuity, please follow this LINK to her website.

Again, THANK YOU CAROLE. I am so glad you won my books.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Nothing beats a great review better than that of another author. We all know how authors read with a critical, internal editor, so to have another author say such nice things is the best compliment in the world. Way to go Lin

lionmother said...

Lin, you deserve all the praise! Lap it up and enjoy your time in the sun!!! I read Lady Chatterly's Lover ( only the good parts) when I was a young teen and didn't really know what I was reading. But the lusciousness of his description of the human body stayed with me all my life. Now I can't wait to read your story!!!

Karen Cote said...

Nothing more precious than validation on your fabulous writing talents Lin. Congrats. Very, very nice review.

Anonymous said...

Very nice review. Congrats!

J Q Rose said...

Glowing words from a reader/writer make this post even more sweet. I also enjoyed the ending in Forever With You...funny how we so often are entertained by a book, but never take the time to tell the author. I need to work on that! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.