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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Times Square, New Year's Eve,

the ball poised has NOTHING on

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. on this the eve of the



I have been a busy bee of late, scampering around from

Pub Flower to Pub Flower looking for any publishing house with more to boast about this weekend than we at Muse.

I'm not going to pretend I was pollinating like a

good bee...nope I was flitting around, shaking the petals to see what

wondrous fairy dust I could shake from the core of their stems.

It is my duty to report MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING, INC. is the ONLY one I found gathering most momentously and bringing the magic of the Publishing World to the fans.

So Allow us to dole out the pertinent details...


Nov 4/5/6 Montreal Retreat

November 4/5/6, MuseItUp Publishing is hosting their first retreat to be held in Montreal.

Writers from around the world will gather for a three day event that includes a huge booksigning extravaganza at:

Zellers Pointe Claire
on Saturday, November 5, from 1 to 5 pm

Come and meet our authors that day and have a chance to win one of several door prizes, including 500,000 Club Z points offered by Zellers to one lucky winner.

Buzz Buzz...Time for this little bee to flap my wings and cross the United States/Montreal Border.

And time for the world to grab the nearest Magic Carpet and head to MONTREAL and the FIRST MUSE RETREAT!

See you there?


Cyrus Keith said...

Alas, dear sister, I won'r be able to make it this year. However, I will be represented by a couple of static displays and some free goodies! Help yourself to some Becoming NADIA and Unalive tiddlies!

lionmother said...

Cyrus, I will be there and will be sad you aren't there. Lin, you are so amazing!

BarbaraB said...

I know this is going to be a fabulous weekend.
Have fun, MUSERS. Wish I could be there with you.

Lin, just keep flittin' around and spreadin' the word. Muse ROCKS!

Christine London said...

I'm here at the Pointe Claire Holiday Inn awaiting the arrival of the Musers. Showery this afternoon, but it is supposed to be brisk and sunny to greet us tomorrow.
We are on floor twelve. The floors below us are being renovated--I mean stripped to the walls bear, but floor 12 - 15 are beautifully remodeled. The trees are still showy with their autumnal colours Zellers is a stone's throw away. Holding my breath to meet those attending!
Christine London

Sending good thoughts your way dear Lin (and Kat) :)

Rosalie Skinner said...

Wish I were there too. Christine, thanks for providing some of the atmosphere. I can hear the excitement and anticipation in your words.
Great post Lin...
To all the Muse family attending, have fun for all of us!!!

Lin said...

Alas my brother, I cannot be there either, so I will not be able to avail myself of your goodies. To all of you there and/on their way there...I am so proud of being a part of Muse. We are truly special and I know the world will be shown even more than we have already shown them, how unique we are. Lea and Litsa, we all owe you two for what Muse is. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I proudly wear my Muse family crest and always will.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lin said...

Barbara B. I enjoy boasting about Muse and will continue to do so at every possible opportunity. I do not knojw how many blog postings I have done for this weekend, but I'm not done.

Love to you all.