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Saturday, November 5, 2011



Muse It Up Publishing Inc, smack dab in the middle of their very first Montreal Retreat, is going to be at

Zellers Pointe Claire
Address: 195 Boulevard Hymus
Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 1E9
so 40+ authors can meet, greet, and sign books for their Canadian fans.

This is the

bonus Head Honchos of the Muse It Up, Muse It Hot Publishing, and Muse It Young, wings of Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.,

Lea Schizas and Litsa Kamateros storm-trooped their way into giving the authors

flying in for the Meet and Greet Author's Retreat from around the world diligently worked at achieving.

Muse Publishing's HH (head honchos) are constantly going out of their way to

spotlight us, the authors, in every way possible. When DO these women sleep?

What they're doing IS working. Less than three months after Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. opened it's doors, it won
2010 Fifth Place
22 top ten Preditors and Editors 2010 Readers Poll awards. Our head cover artist Delilah K. Stephans, won a

Covey Award, voted for by other Cover Artists, for her unique rendering for Emily Pikkasso's


Muse and it's family of editors, authors, CA's and HH

hit the ground running and haven't stopped.

Today the book signing takes place. Let's talk about this book signing for a moment.

It is to take place at Zellers Pointe Claire. What does that mean?

For those of us living here in the United States, think of Zellers as Canada's

TARGET stores. In fact that's what they REALLY are. This year Target acquired 189 Zellers store in their bid to expand into the Canadian market.

So imagine your local Target opening it's doors for 40 plus of our authors  to meet, greet, and sign books for the

Saturday crowd! Would you forgive me if I slip out of my professional demeanor for a second and said "WOW!"

Saturday at my local TARGET? During the

PEAK hours of the afternoon, no less!

Prior to my research, I'd imagined Zellers to be a bookstore chain, comparable to

B&N...which ain't hay, but a bookstore IS a bookstore...solely...okay maybe with a Starbucks thrown in for the

mocha latte crowd. Nice, effective...however product specific.

Target's draw customers after more than JUST books...customers who will be more than a teeny bit interested in all those Z prizes...especially with Christmas and Black Friday right around the corner.

The potential for our authors to ROCK the Zellers world has escalated exponentially now that I know Zellers is Canada's Target!

To honor my brother and sister authors, I will walk to OUR local Target...about a mile away...this afternoon, stroll around, soak in the Saturday atmosphere, and imagine I am with you all in Canada at this wondrous event.

Lea and Litsa on behalf of our family...thank you for the extra

zillion you two put into giving us more than any of us could imagine. You guys are the

absolute best!

Now, let me copy and paste the pertinent information about today's book signing. If any of you can mosey on over to Zellers Pointe Claire, do not miss the magic of Muse It Up Publishing, and the incredible prizes and SURprises waiting for you.

Nov 4/5/6 Montreal Retreat

November 4/5/6, MuseItUp Publishing is hosting their first retreat to be held in Montreal.

Writers from around the world will gather for a three day event that includes a huge booksigning extravaganza at:

Zellers Pointe Claire

on Saturday, November 5, from 1 to 5 pm
Come and meet our authors that day and have a chance to win one of several door prizes, including 500,000 Club Z points offered by Zellers




gail roughton branan said...

On our way, huh? Big time.

Christine London said...

Just heading downstairs to breakfast with the gang now. You would not be surprised to learn that our authors are a pretty spectacular group of people. What a marvelous sharing we had at dinner last night. Every one of us spoke to the group which means that even those who are afraid of public speaking rolled up his or her virtual sleeves and put their best face on. What faces they were. Such a broad array of stores --paths to publication--with one theme in common. We all love and appreciate the respect and support we get here through Muse.
Thanks for having our back, Lin. You, as always, ROCK!
Warm Regards,
Christine London

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Thank you, dear friend, for your continued support. The whole weekend was truly an amazing experience...we laughed, we hugged, we spoke, we ate, and we cried. But never did we forget the Musers who couldn't make it. Everyone was in our thoughts and we made a toast to all of the authors.

lionmother said...

Lin, the whole weekend was amazing and when I got back and was able to see all the emails you wrote about the retreat, your blogs and all your support is overwhelming! Meeting everyone was such a treat and we all missed the MIA's who were never out of our minds.

Being part of that Zeller's experience was the best time I have had as an author. Seeing the joy in your reader's eyes is worth everything!! I hope that you will be able to get to a book signing yourself so you can experience this joy too!!

You are the best!!! Thank you for all the support!!!