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Friday, November 4, 2011


The very FIRST Muse Publishing Retreat is


Nov 4/5/6 Montreal Retreat

November 4/5/6, MuseItUp Publishing is hosting their first retreat to be held in Montreal.

Writers from around the world will gather for a three day event that includes a huge booksigning extravaganza at:

Zellers Pointe Claire
on Saturday, November 5, from 1 to 5 pm

Come and meet our authors that day and have a chance to win one of several door prizes, including 500,000 Club Z points offered by Zellers to one lucky winner.

Okay, technically those who arrived in

Montreal yesterday, enjoyed a mini-meet and greet last night at dinner...but the

OFFICAL launching of this momentous Retreat, did not actually begin until this morning.

What will the gathering of authors (40+) from around the world enjoy?

I haven't a clue. What I do know is what each and every one of them were looking forward to.

Wanna know?


First finally meeting

Lea Schizas and Litsa Kamateros, the two brilliantly amazing women behind the launch of and

meteoric rise of this new...little more than a year old...publishing house.

Why do I say METEORIC? Well less than three months after opening on October 1, 2010, Muse won a total of

TWENTY-TWO (22) TOP TEN awards in the

Preditors and Editors 2010 Readers Poll. How cool is it to have the READERS vote you in so quickly? So meeting these two

dynamic women in the flesh...well naturally that is the FIRST thrill on the agenda for this weekend.

What next? Muse maintains a feeling of

family, but with members in such distant places as Malta, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, England, and on,

e-mail and phone communications have been the ritual we've used to build the family closeness over the year...so after meeting our impressive leaders,

meeting each other has to be the SECOND thrill of this weekend.

What then? Touring the Canadian

birthplace of our glorious Publishing Domain.

Montreal in November! One of the attendees has already spread the word on just how beautiful Montreal, still dressed in its vibrant autumnal colors is.

After that? I do know there's a huge book signing planned for tomorrow afternoon at

Zellers, a big chain in Canada with some very impressive prizes and SURprises on the roster.

Think of it...40+ authors gathered in one place, little more than a year after launching your company, for a book signing that has already received

MASSIVE media attention!

How COOL is that?

AND how impressive for a seemingly

fledgling company to have expanded so quickly and taken the reading world by a storm bigger than that

eye storm swirling massively on Jupiter!

Muse Publishing has proven itself, and we, the Musers, are here to stay!


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Love it Lin! What great illustrations too. Wish I was going to be there.

BarbaraB said...

Looks like you have it all covered, Lin. I agree with Rosemary, great illustrations. Keep the news coming.

Lin said...

Thank you both. I will do my best to keep the posts coming. Doing them almost makes me feel like Kat and I are right there with them

Love To All.

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Lin, thanks for keeping us updated on events. I wish I could be one of those 40+ authors, but unfortunately, I'm still here in Oregon. My heart is with everyone in Montreal.

J Q Rose said...

Oh, Lin, I fear Montreal will never be the same again...!! What a fantastic time for those attending. I wish I were a little mouse in one of the author's pockets. Notice I did not say Lea or Litsa's. That would be a wild ride for the weekend, I'm sure. Go Musers!!