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Sunday, May 20, 2012

L.J. Holmes Presents: ANIMAL CRACKERS by Elle Druskin

...I was asked if I'd like a job house-sitting for an uber-wealthy businessman in upper-crusty

Rumson, NJ.

The job was tempting since I could take my, then, teenaged daughter with me, and for the week...maybe two...his

mansion would be ours to live in and even pretend it was ours. Added to the lure of this job, I'd also have full use of a car that wasn't on its last legs.

But Rumson is just too far north of Glassboro, where I was actively working on one of my college degrees. So this chance to live like a Hollywood A-lister had to pass me by.

In ANIMAL CRACKERS, Elle Druskin's debut release at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc Liberty Heights Series, Hayley Weaver, jobless, money-less, and down on options is offered a similar job...

House-sit for Movie Star Paulette Stone at her New Jersey Estate.

A former Jerseyite, Hayley had been certain once away from

New Jersey, she'd never have to return...

But The Fates can be cruel, and worse.

A card carrying animal-a-phobe, Hayley accepts the job only to learn Paulette Stone neglected to inform her the estate housed a veritable zoo of exotic creatures.

With terror burbling within her bloodstream, Hayley quickly programs Jake Marx...the sexy veterinarian...a guy from her past...on every available phone.

Oh God, she laments...how did she manage to come to this?

ANIMAL CRACKERS, available now, and hang on to your tummy, because you are going to laugh until your sides split.

You can learn more about ANIMAL CRACKERS and Elle Druskin by clicking on her Muse It Up BUY PAGE.

Fever...we are spreading the MUSE IT UP FEVER, and this is one delicious germ of our Fever and you are going to LOVE catching it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


A serious car crash...

a body mangled, bloody, and rapidly giving up the fight...

A beam of light...and a voice pull her up and away from that gory scene.

Her grandmother, long dead but never forgotten leads her on the Journey of Her Life.

A choice to stay here, whole, pain a distant and fading memory, and await her beloved children to join her in their own time, free of the losses her shell will endure back there...

Or hit the

button and face a bigger battle than she's ever faced before.

LIFE'S JOURNEY, by L.J. Holmes, amazing cover by the incomparable

Muse Cover Art Queen Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans is coming from Muse It Up Publishing in

Muse It Up Publishing

delivers power...like all of the Muse It Up releases over the past, nearly two years... 

...Life's Journey will leave you haunted.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

L.J. Holmes Presents; LIFE'S JOURNEY


If she returns!

But here in God's Garden, she can remain, whole, young, and vital...


Here she'll have to wait until THEIR time passes and her two beloved children join her for eternity.

Imagine never to reach out with her human arms and hold the son and daughter she

loves more than life...

Does she love them more than the surcease of


Does she love them enough to return to a body,

broken by a car crash so serious they needed the Jaws of Life to extricate her splintered flesh from its crumbled mass?

Does she love them enough to make this a NEAR Death Experience?


L.J. Holmes...(yes, I really AM promoting my own work)...is releasing from

Muse It Up Publishing in June...a celestial Experience from a Heavenly Publishing House.

You can check for more information on the release date by following the COMING SOON feature at the MUSE IT UP BOOKSTORE,

And me? Well I'm like that

proverbial penny...I'm Just about everywhere...




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Please keep checking back for my LIFE'S JOURNEY book cover,

Friday, May 4, 2012


Mother Nature

is raging...her fury creating

white-out conditions across the vast Alberta prairie that's outside Michelle's frosted windows.

Christmas...a season most people anticipate with joy, excitement, and glee. For Michelle, all she wants for Christmas is piece of mind, and solitude...

for the storm outside pales beside the storm churning its way through her shattered heart.

Into her anguish and unrest, an injured stray dog dots the endless sea of white outside. The animal needs her help and that means forging a pathway to her favorite vet.

But what do you do upon arrival when you learn your favorite vet is being replaced by one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous men you've ever met, and men are so far down your list of things you want to deal with right now?

All she wanted for Christmas was peace to lick the wounded heart her former fiancĂ© and high school sweetheart callously clawed into bloody rivulets.

But licking her wounds means ignoring the needs of this wounded stray, and that she cannot do...even if it means she must try not to drool over the new vet in the process.

Christmas never seemed so fraught with tension...and maybe...dare she hope...promise?

What will Michelle do? As long as she cares for the injured dog she names Storm, she has to spend time with Dr. Cale Benjamin, DVM.

Will the battlements she's erected around her gaping heart hold, or will nature and Storm blow it apart as tenaciously as the winter flakes outside careen towards the endless prairie before her?

Christmas Storm by Nancy Marie Bell, a well known lover of God's four legged creatures, with an amazing cover by

Muse It Up Cover Art Goddess Charlotte Volnek is available at the Muse It Up Bookstore RIGHT NOW! No waiting!

Here's Nancy holding the Print Copy of one of her OTHER great reads, Laurel's Miracle, also available from Muse It Up Publishing...NOW!

At Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. we are causing a

fever to rage. It's a fever you're going to LOVE catching...I promise!