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L.J. Holmes
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

L.J. Holmes Presents; LIFE'S JOURNEY


If she returns!

But here in God's Garden, she can remain, whole, young, and vital...


Here she'll have to wait until THEIR time passes and her two beloved children join her for eternity.

Imagine never to reach out with her human arms and hold the son and daughter she

loves more than life...

Does she love them more than the surcease of


Does she love them enough to return to a body,

broken by a car crash so serious they needed the Jaws of Life to extricate her splintered flesh from its crumbled mass?

Does she love them enough to make this a NEAR Death Experience?


L.J. Holmes...(yes, I really AM promoting my own work)...is releasing from

Muse It Up Publishing in June...a celestial Experience from a Heavenly Publishing House.

You can check for more information on the release date by following the COMING SOON feature at the MUSE IT UP BOOKSTORE,

And me? Well I'm like that

proverbial penny...I'm Just about everywhere...




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Cyrus Keith said...

Lin, you spend so much time and energy making the rest of us look wonderful, it's about time we got to see you in your own limelight. This story sounds awesome in so many ways. I hope it makes you a best-seller!

Unknown said...

Lin, this sounds like my kind of story. Funny how I was thinking of something very similar yesterday while driving alone to a friend's. Looks fascinating.

Lin said...

Thank you Cyrus and Unknown. Cyrus, my favorite of mine so far are the one's with the surprise endings or powerful themes. Forever With You and She's Gone have surprise endings. Beyond Yesterday is a powerful story and Delilah K. Stephans gave it a spot-on cover. Everything in the story is right there on the cover.

Twilight Comes is probably my darkest story so far, but it's powerful in its own way...also Delilah rocked THAT cover too.

In From The Cold is more than one suspects when they begin reading it.

Santa Is A Lady sounds playful, and it is, but it also packs a punch as does its sequel, The Christmas War.

The Pendulum Swings is my favorite Time Travel so far, even though in a round about way This Time Forever deals with ancient times.

My absolute favorite historical isn't out yet, but it's a collaboration with my daughter 2011 P&E winner Kat Holmes called Her Last Day. We both love that short and very powerful story.

My first full length...over 300 pages...story Echoes From The Past got caught up in backlogged edits. It was supposed to be out April 2012, but I'm not sure now when it'll be released.