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Sunday, May 20, 2012

L.J. Holmes Presents: ANIMAL CRACKERS by Elle Druskin

...I was asked if I'd like a job house-sitting for an uber-wealthy businessman in upper-crusty

Rumson, NJ.

The job was tempting since I could take my, then, teenaged daughter with me, and for the week...maybe two...his

mansion would be ours to live in and even pretend it was ours. Added to the lure of this job, I'd also have full use of a car that wasn't on its last legs.

But Rumson is just too far north of Glassboro, where I was actively working on one of my college degrees. So this chance to live like a Hollywood A-lister had to pass me by.

In ANIMAL CRACKERS, Elle Druskin's debut release at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc Liberty Heights Series, Hayley Weaver, jobless, money-less, and down on options is offered a similar job...

House-sit for Movie Star Paulette Stone at her New Jersey Estate.

A former Jerseyite, Hayley had been certain once away from

New Jersey, she'd never have to return...

But The Fates can be cruel, and worse.

A card carrying animal-a-phobe, Hayley accepts the job only to learn Paulette Stone neglected to inform her the estate housed a veritable zoo of exotic creatures.

With terror burbling within her bloodstream, Hayley quickly programs Jake Marx...the sexy veterinarian...a guy from her past...on every available phone.

Oh God, she laments...how did she manage to come to this?

ANIMAL CRACKERS, available now, and hang on to your tummy, because you are going to laugh until your sides split.

You can learn more about ANIMAL CRACKERS and Elle Druskin by clicking on her Muse It Up BUY PAGE.

Fever...we are spreading the MUSE IT UP FEVER, and this is one delicious germ of our Fever and you are going to LOVE catching it!


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Wow, I love this idea. It's very creative and innovative and a great way to introduce readers to a book. Great job!

Julie Lynn Hayes

Cyrus Keith said...
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Cyrus Keith said...

Lin, another masterpiece! Short and sweet, to the point, and makes me want to see what happens. Did I mention I don't normally read romance? It makes my chest hair wither. But this may be worth the price. Elle, Grats on your debut!

(*note: previous post removed only 'cause my spellin' fingers went on break)