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Friday, May 4, 2012


Mother Nature

is raging...her fury creating

white-out conditions across the vast Alberta prairie that's outside Michelle's frosted windows.

Christmas...a season most people anticipate with joy, excitement, and glee. For Michelle, all she wants for Christmas is piece of mind, and solitude...

for the storm outside pales beside the storm churning its way through her shattered heart.

Into her anguish and unrest, an injured stray dog dots the endless sea of white outside. The animal needs her help and that means forging a pathway to her favorite vet.

But what do you do upon arrival when you learn your favorite vet is being replaced by one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous men you've ever met, and men are so far down your list of things you want to deal with right now?

All she wanted for Christmas was peace to lick the wounded heart her former fianc√© and high school sweetheart callously clawed into bloody rivulets.

But licking her wounds means ignoring the needs of this wounded stray, and that she cannot do...even if it means she must try not to drool over the new vet in the process.

Christmas never seemed so fraught with tension...and maybe...dare she hope...promise?

What will Michelle do? As long as she cares for the injured dog she names Storm, she has to spend time with Dr. Cale Benjamin, DVM.

Will the battlements she's erected around her gaping heart hold, or will nature and Storm blow it apart as tenaciously as the winter flakes outside careen towards the endless prairie before her?

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Emily Pikkasso said...

Oh, Lin Thank you. The second picture of the house in the snow is perfect! I hope the poor dog in the picture with the bandages is better now. You have done a spectacular job as usual, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lin said...

My Darling Nancy, from the bottom of MY heart you are most welcome.

J Q Rose said...

Her heart clawed into bloody rivulets...ooh...where DO you come up with this stuff? Another great blog post by Lin and another great read by Nancy.