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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last week,

Irene Cavington stopped by and spoke out about her needs and the immediacy to get them met.
Today, the day before their story releases from

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc., in time for Christmas,

Beck Cavington has her say.

Welcome Beck. Last week your mother stopped by and may I say, she sounded a bit put out by you. How are things between you and your mom now?

About the same as always. Mom, can be a bit hard to take.

How so?

Well, Mom places social status and money above everything. In her mind, everyone, even those that would technically be in our same social strata are beneath her.

That must have made for a difficult childhood.

Luckily I had my best friend Angie Brightwell then, Angie Drayton now, and her parents to fill the void.

What about your Dad?

Dad left us when I was little. We have no relationship. As far as I know he could be dead.

I'm really sorry to hear that. It's hard enough to be a kid in today's world, but a kid without a father...that's really tough.

I had Angie's dad and he was really good to me. So was her mom. They sort of adopted me as a second daughter.

Last week your mom bemoaned about your lack of compliance with her suggestions for you life.

{giggling} Mom doesn't suggest; she browbeats. If Mom wants you to do something she nags and nags and nags some more until you get so tired of hearing her whine you just give in to her.

So you're going to go along with her current plan?

To marry Teddy, her current prize lapdog? No! I am not marrying him or any of the other sad excuses she parades before me.

But you are about to turn 35. Aren't you afraid of being a...pardon me for using an ancient term, spinster?

Why does everyone assume women aren't complete unless they're married? I am very happy owning my store...it's a confection store and I make everything that stocks our shelves. I have a rich personal life. My best friend Angie is about to give birth any day now making me an aunt and godmother. Where am I lacking? My store is reasonably successful, so I'm not reliant on handouts from Mom, and believe me THAT is a big part of my joy.

So you have no intentions of letting Irene push you into a marriage of convenience?

There is nothing convenient about anything connected to my mom, so no, I am NOT going to let her push me into a marriage of ANY sort. Have you SEEN the kind of losers she's urged me to marry? {shuddering} I'd have to be really desperate, and since I'm happy with my life as it is, I'll never get that desperate.

Well, I guess that pretty much says it all. Is there anything else you want my readers to know?

Yes. The Christmas War is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. tomorrow on 12/19/11. L.J. Holmes has documented my life and my war with mom very well, but she has done so with heart.

Every copy of our story purchased between now and the end of this quarter, her royalties will be going to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE a woman's shelter in Burlington County, NJ.

Ms. Holmes is a survivor that was helped by THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE when she needed that extra support to leave her monster. THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE made it possible for Ms. Holmes

and her children to escape their monster and move on to have the life they created afterwards.

When she asked me if she could write my story and told me what she wanted to do with her royalties during this time of giving and yes, Christmas Miracles, I was happy to give her exclusive access to my world. I am profoundly honored to be a part of something like this, and hope everyone will pitch in and help.

THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE relies on donations solely.

Thank you Beck Cavington for dropping by to share your side of The Christmas War.

L.J. Holmes has a total of FIVE (5) books she is donating her royalties from to THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE. Please check out her Author's Page and the Buy page for each of her books.

They are:

1. Twilight Comes

2. Beyond Yesterday

3. Suc-U

4. Champagne Afternoon

5. The Christmas War

And now I want to take this opportunity to

thank everyone for the support you have given to my blogs during this past year. You have made me,

Lin and my inner voice

Nudge happy beyond our wildest imaginations.

On behalf of Nudge, Me, and all my Brothers and Sisters at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc,

Have a GLORIOUS holiday Season.

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