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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Lighthouses have long played a role in the ways of seafarers.

Long ago, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still brings awe to the imagination of mankind. What was it like, The Lighthouse of Alexandria?

How do today's lighthouses stack up against the mystery of antiquity?

Lighthouses, beacons of hope, security, and safety for those braving Mother Nature's most mercurial element, the Sea. Yet they also have a long standing history steeped in mystery and all too often...death.

Captain Ken Robertson of the sea trawler known as The Sea Mac

has experienced Mother Nature's temperamental hand upon the waters off the Eilean Boghdori for many a long year. He knows it well...and like his fellow sea captains, can count on the reassuring beacon of the island's lighthouse,

and the diligence of Paul, its keeper, to guide him safely through the churning channels.

But something is wrong!

Last night the beacon did not spread its illumination from the tall tower out beyond the jutting finger of land

to those hunting for it's directional sanctuary. No light! Never in all his years could Cap remember such a thing happening, Paul was far too conscientious not to make sure the tower's light shone.

Something is wrong!

Captain Robertson and his deckhand Jimmy

decide to investigate. A call out on the sea-to-land microphone to Paul is unanswered.

"Some thing's gotta be wrong, Cap," Jimmy says.

The two men aim the Sea Mac towards the thrashing shores of Eilean Boghdori.

In the kitchen, and old wood burning stove holds a heavy pot still sitting on one of the burners...but no Paul. What would cause Paul to leave in the middle of a meal?

Will the two friends find Paul? Would any of them make it off the island alive?

Kevin Hopson, best selling Muse author, already has one of his spine-tingling books,

A WORLD OF ASH, is breaking sales records at Muse It Up Publishing.

His newest book EARTHLY FORCES is due to join it on February 1st, and should NOT be missed.

Kevin's ability to keep you on the edge of your seat biting your fingernails right down to the quick, makes him one of the best weavers of today's suspense stories.

(Step over Alfred Hitchcock, Kevin Hopson has arrived!)

His book, EARTHLY FORCES will be released from the Muse It Up Publishing side of the Muse Publishing Dynasty with the incredible cover, another work of artistic genius from Muse's very own Cover Art Goddess

Delilah K. Stephans on February 1, 2011.

Follow this link directly to Kevin's Bookstore Author A World of Ash page for all the pertinent details about BOTH his stellar releases.

You may also reach Kevin 


His e-mail address for those who want to personally praise his storytelling magic, his address is hopson_1@yahoo.com.

Learn more about Kevin and Muse Publishing by visiting the Muse It Up Publishing Website, where you will also have access to information about the many surprises, gifts, contests, and giveaways available to all Muse Patrons.

Follow this link to the MUSE BOOKSTORE for Kevin's books and all the many other treasures waiting for you from the Muse Dynasty.

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Roseanne Dowell said...

fantastic blog as usual, Lin. Sounds like a great book too.

Kat said...

I love lighthouses. Hence my own release this month. I will definitely be getting Earthly Forces when it comes out.:-)

lionmother said...

Beautiful cover blog and now I want to read both of Kevin's books! Very intriguing and leaves me wondering what happened to the Captain.

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Holy Cow! Another great cover blog, another great cover, and Kevin's just a baby! Wonderful! More books I need to buy.

S.Durham said...

Lin, I love this cover blog with the all the different lighthouses! Kevin I can't wait to read your story, I'm intrigued by the mystery...


Anonymous said...

Way to go Lin - Earthly Forces sounds like a force to be reckoned...in other words, like a great captive audience book.
Congratulations Kevin.

Lin said...

I really do love doing these cover blogs. My inner muse is stuck trying to bridge to the ending of my WIP...yet it still wants to be yakky...so these cover blogs allow it to create scripts that I hope will tell just enough about my fellow author's incredible offerings in a way that will honor their voices and tease everyone into having an interest in checking their works out further.

I am honored that so many now request I do their cover blogs. This method of utilizing my personal blogs for my fellow authors, has grown into something beyond my imaginations.

I am an author groupie. You are my celebrities. To know so many of you now, and be allowed to do these for you, is the best!

J Q Rose said...

Amazing cover blog. Love the Alfred Hitchcock silhouette..Is Kevin old enough to have even heard of Hitchcock?? You have my attention to pick up Kevin's book and check out the Muse bookstore for more great reads. Thanks.

Lin said...

I don't know if he's heard of Alfred Hitchcock, but from the info he gave to me to help make this blog, whether he knows Hitchock doesn't alter his amazing talents.