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Thursday, December 30, 2010


At midnight, while many are watching the Ball

 descend, a bigger event will be happening.

The Midnight Muse Train will be arriving with ten---let me repeat that TEN new treasures

for your reading pleasures.

Step up for the long awaited debut of Murder Is A Family Business by Heather Haven starring her delightful family of detectives, The Alvarez's including a kitty with intrepid skills.

Follow this link to the cover blog for MURDER IS A FAMILY BUSINESS so you'll be eagerly standing here on the platform for the Midnight Muse Train's arrival.

Right behind Heather is

Best Selling Author Kat Holmes with her latest tale of Ghosts,


and Mayhem.

The Lighthouse

gives you that and so much more, opening with the confused thoughts of murder victim number one...AFTER the deed. Will there be more murders before the hunky Chief of Police and the new Lighthouse keeper unravel the truth?

Follow this link to learn more about The Lighthouse, and you need to hurry.

The Midnight Muse Train is JUST around the corner.

Have you ever wondered if DRAGONS

really exist, and if they do, what kind of life they lead? Antonia Tiranth is the quintessential expert on all things "dragon" and the Mistress of Dragon Tales. In other words Antonia HAS the answers in her newest release

Kellan's Dragon.




what more could you ask for?

Follow the link to Kellan's Dragon cover blog...read all about it, and then be there when the

 Midnight Muse Train arrives on New Year's Eve.

Delilah K. Stephan's, Muse's very own Cover Art Goddess, and secret weapon,

(Have you SEEN the covers she does?) is also one of the most talented authors on the planet.

Ghostly Passions, her debut Muse tale, gives us a ghost

 whose mind sees, feels, and works just fine, thank you very much...unfortunately the REST of him is challenged. 

Well, he IS a ghost, after all. How is he to change his dilemma when the very sexy Ghost Hunter

 enters his domain?

Follow the link to Ghostly Passions cover blog and learn about the possibility of...are you ready for this...

GHOSTLY VIAGRA...and then hightail it back to the station's platform in time for the

Midnight Muse Train's spectacular arrival.

Sometimes life makes no sense no matter how hard you try to figure it out.

In Kay Dee Royal's Big Girls Don't Cry Wolf, Brea struggles to feel at home within her own skin.

She lost her twin sister, a pain that tears at her every moment of every day, but now that her adoptive parents have deeded their resort to her, she HAS to find a way to control the burning confusion...or fail.

But then two brothers, twins themselves chose Brea's lake front resort and she can no longer deny her love of all things wolf, has a deeper, more ingrained purpose.

Follow this link to the cover blog for Kay Dee Royal's debut Big Girls Don't Cry Wolf. Once you have you will want to hop-skip-and-jump back here for the approaching

Midnight Muse Train. 

The Oak King's Daughter:

The Oak King

and the Holly King

of mythology have long been at odds, but the Oak King has a beautiful daughter, Dara, just itching to lift away the mantle of the duty her position expects of her...especially when the delicious Tinne

 shows up to entertain The Oak King's Court.

What will Dara do? And is Tinne as pure as he seems?

Follow the link to the cover blog for The Oak King's Daughter by Emily Pikkasso. Be dazzled by the Covey Award Winning cover for this rich story by Cover Art Goddess Delilah K. Stephans, then scamper on back for the

Midnight Muse Train's arrival.

Do you remember how nervous you were on the first day of the new job you spent so much time training for?

A Wing and a Prayer: Callie Corwin studied really hard to be a flight attendant,

and today is her inauguration. All is going relatively well until two men board her virgin flight bent on making her first flight enough to

frazzle the strongest of nerve-endings.

Follow the link to A Wing and a Prayer by renowned author Ginger Simpson, learn about Callie and then rush on back for

the Midnight Muse Train.

Resurrection Garden

by Frank Scully is going to have all of you wishing you could step back into the wild days of the Old...sorta...West.

Change is coming and with it rowdiness, anticipation, and stubborn displeasure. If you are the sheriff,

it's your job to keep the peace, no matter what.

This link takes to you the cover blog for

Resurrection Garden, Frank Scully's debut tale. Believe me once you've read it, it'll make you eager to race back here in time for the

Midnight Muse Train.

Krista D. Ball in unleashing her SECOND Muse tale on New Year's Eve. Her first one,

Harvest Moon, made the top ten best selling list over, and over, and over since it's Sept. 10, 2010 debut. So I KNOW you are all anxiously looking forward to her next release. This one,

Flying Kite, Crashing Ship, has Time Travel at its core, and Regency England for its backdrop.

Just LOOK at this cover! Now follow the link to the cover blog for Flying Kite, Crashing Ship before it's time to step up to the Midnight Muse Train.

Patricia Harrington's debut novel,

Winter's Soul is about the dreams so many of us have. Young girl dreams of marrying into the gentry. Gentrified mother dreams of her unusual son marrying and producing an heir. Gentrified family are listed in the Who's Who of Gentry-folk

...young girl checks. Gentrified mother is a domineering harridan. Some dreams have long, twisty strings. Does this one?

Follow the link to the cover blog for

Winter's Soul. Read about skeletons that may not always choose to remain closeted, and then be here at the stroke of the

Midnight Muse Train's arrival January 1, 2011.

And finally now that the Train has arrived follow THIS link to the


Muse truly is ROCKING


And at Muse, we are
~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~


Roseanne Dowell said...

What a fantastic train, Lin. A wonderful way to showcase Muse books and authors, as well as our wonderful covers.

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Wow, Lin! Incredible!

lionmother said...

Whooooooooooohooooooooo!!!! It makes me want to meet that train. Fantastic cover blog. I didn't even go to the individual cover blogs yet, but I know they will be fabulous too.:) You made me want to read every one of these books!

Lin said...

You are all really kind. I did this with my head cold feeling like a wall of fluff was between me and the screen, and my eyes burning. This was a new idea...a way of doing a Muse Round Up before the new books comes out to give everyone another chance to read what fantastic books we have releasing at Muse. And I am going to do my best to make this a monthly feature from now on too.

And have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE being part of the Muse Family?

Cynthia said...

What an awesome arrangement. Keep it up.

Cynthia said...

Cynthia's husband Mike Arsuaga completely agrees

Emily Pikkasso said...

Darling Lin, what a wonderful gift! I love what you have done with The Oak King's Daughter, the imagery is perfect! Thanks so much, I wish all good things for you and Kat in 2011 and all the years to follow.
Nancy aka Emily

J Q Rose said...

All abo-a-r-d! Tickets please for the best reading experience ever. Great overview of the new offerings for 2011! Great job.

Lin said...

Again, thanks for all the compliments. You make me so proud to be a part of this Muse Train.