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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The flying world's changed, but it is still the world Callie Corwin,

brand new graduate from Flight Attendant School

wants to be a success doing.

This is to be Callie's very first flight  since getting her gleaming Flight Attendant Wings and she is as nervous and uptight as you can get.

Add to that the gorgeous hunk beneath the Stetson hat with eyes that would make a nun melt...

...No girl should have such a distraction on her first ever flight...

But what about the OTHER male passenger that  snatched her attention?

Was that a GUN she caught a glimpse of? Did he resemble those they tell you to look out for since everything in the world changed nine years ago?

Callie wanted to concentrate on the mundane things like...

passing out meal trays...

...giving safety directions...

...handing out air line pillows...

...and air line blankets.

She did NOT want to worry about whether this California's LAX

to London flight would ever make it to Heathrow.

Was she wrong? And either way, what should she do?

A Wing and a Prayer, from PROLIFIC AUTHOR Ginger Simpson

Muse It Up Publishing,

and cover by Muse's exclusive Award Winning Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans is due to EXPLODE

upon the world

on January 1, 2011.

This powerful story will join the increasing best seller list now attributed to (click the following link)


Join Muse as we ring in the New Year,

and keep checking us out for prizes, contests and all kinds of goodies Lea Schizas

and Litsa Kamateros,

the powerhouses behind Muse have in store for all of us.

At Muse we are:

~Building The Team To Achieve The Dream~


Roseanne Dowell said...

Terrific blog, Lin. This story sounds great. I'm going to have to save some money. There are so many books at Muse that I want.

Lin said...

Me too. Muse only releases the absolute best, and each cover blog I do has me drooling avariciously.

Ginger Simpson said...

Awesome. You caught the essence of the story, as usual. You are definitely part of the Muse Magic.

Thank you so much. I know how time consuming these stationary trailers must be.


P.S. You could have lost the Mrs. Santa outfit pic. *lol*

Ciara Gold said...

Wow. That's the first stationary trailer I've seen. Great idea. I love Ginger's work so here's hoping 2011 brings lots of sales.

Maryann Miller said...

What a clever way to introduce a book. Loved the post and look forward to the book.

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Something tells me all my royalties are going to be spent on my fellow authors' books. They sound so good and the covers are so great and then your stationary trailers make me drool even more! Brava yet again, Ginger, Delilah, Lin and of course Boss Ladies!

J Q Rose said...

What a great tease! Love, love, love this post. Truly makes me want to read another Ginger Simpson story. I appreciate the time and effort in making this non-moving trailer....(I hate trying to remember how to spell stationary stationery--too many editors around here!!) Great work.

Lin said...

Now Ginger, the Mrs. Santa shows the depths of your humor and creativity. I HAD to include it.

Ciara, I started doing these cover blogs (stationary-trailers as Ginger calls them) back in July. It's my way of using my blog to promote Muse and non-muse authors in a different way. I don't have the attention span to come up with a bunch of questions to submit to my friends for them to fill out.

These let me look at the covers...amazing every one...read the blurbs/synopsis of the story,write a short script that tells enough about the story to introduce them and find pics to accompany them. This one makes the 49th I have done so far, and my third for Ginger.

Maryann...I don't know about "clever" although I appreciate your saying so. It's more I'm staying in my personal comfort zone while trying to help everyone promote their works at the same time.

Rochelle, your praise warms my heart. If my little cover blogs entice enough for the books to create interest then I am hopefully doing what I set out to do.

JQ..I adore Ginger Simpson. She is one of those people who shines through her words...so it is always a delight for me to create a cover blog for her.

S.Durham said...

I love the flight training pictures! Another wonderful job cover blog!


Margaret Tanner said...

Great blog Lin, loved all the pictures. Ginger is such a talented writer, once you start reading one of her books, you can't put it down until you have finished it.

On A wing and A Prayer, sounds like another great read. wonderful cover too.



Lisabet Sarai said...

Fabulous photo-trailer, Lin! (Although maybe the nun was a bit much ;^) )

Congratulations to you, Ginger! Wishing you great sales.