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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Elizabeth Sidham,

like so many other unmarried twenty year olds with "fantastic" wishes, dreams of marrying UP?

Who doesn't dream about marrying a prince (Okay maybe he's NOT a prince, but he IS one of the ELITE!) and living "Happily-Ever-After" in the castle on the hill?

George Arbuthnot's mother

Catherine is not pleased with her "baby boy". He has a most important job, producing

an heir to carry on their austere lineage, but William,

George's best friend is not what Catherine has in mind for her family's "longevity."

(Some skeletons need to forever remain in the closet, and this is definitely one, as far as Catherine is concerned.)

She needs her son to step up to the plate and sire an heir,

but what protective Mama is going to align one of her precious beauties to someone with George's


Enter Elizabeth Sidham.

Elizabeth finds the Arbuthnot's listed right there in THEE BOOK Burke's Peerage, and well, so what if he has a really domineering

mama? She can handle that. Course

William hovering about seems...a bit...weird, but maybe that's just one of those "differences" that makes them the British Elite!

What will happen?

Follow the link below to Patricia Harrington's  Muse It Up novel, WINTER'S SOUL, cover done by Muse's exclusive, award winning Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans, when it releases on January 1, 2011 at the Muse Bookstore.


the e-pub world and books like this are why.

From all of us at Muse It Up Publishing, its hotter side, Muse It Hot, and its YA side Muse It Young we wish you all


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Roseanne Dowell said...

sounds fascinating. great cover blog as usual, Lin

Lin said...

Thanks Ro. I was worried my head cold would cause all kinds of mistakes. I had to use the blurb from our bookstore, so I hoep I interpreted it right.

Anonymous said...

Lin - nice presentation (as always) - you sure have the know-how for an enticing motionless trailers. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations Patricia, sounds like a good read.

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

You are so good, as is our wonderful Cover Art Goddess! Kudos to both of you.

Lin said...

Thanks Kay Dee and Rochelle. Your comments are always a joy to read.

Patricia Harrington said...

Just wanted to add my HUGE appreciation to Lin, and to all those who wrote a comment. It's a thrill to have the good review and Lin's pictorial artwork is outstanding.

And very much appreciated.

Pat Harrington
Coming: Antiguan Redemption
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