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Tuesday, December 28, 2010



HG Wells wrote about it over 115 years ago. Did he get it right? Since the evening news isn't filled with accounts of Time Travel, I'd have to say, No!

Okay, I can see you all raising your brows,

curling your lips into skeptical smirks,

and nodding your heads in silent derision...

BUT, given the immediate coverage a

UFO receives, I have to believe the media would be interested in anything remotely connected to Time Travel.

Okay, you in the back row third from the left jumping up and down. I see the miniature phone booth you're waving around,

and yes, I must agree; Britain has had a very successful long running TV show about Time Travel...sort of...called DR. WHO.

TV doesn't ALWAYS represent the truth, and given how many people have played Dr. Who,

you have to give Britain's concept of Time Travel a bit of a skeptical berth.

Science has its own interpretation of Time Travel and how it CAN be accomplished. They like using

advanced mathematical equations,

star movements,

and Einstein's theories about loads of hypothetical stuff to come up with...Time Travel via


I don't know about all of THOSE ideas, but Krista D. Ball,

author of amazing talent, has a new story FLYING KITE, CRASHING SHIP

about to be released on January 1, 2011 from that HUGE new e-publishing house that is causing ALL the buzz this year,


Regency England...

Krista's Travelers through Time land in a time when Great Britain is at war, still, with their

ARCH-nemesis across the channel, France.

Is this never before seen odd as you can get thing a new weapon propelled by two...could they be French attackers, inside?

Check out Krista D. Ball's new book
Flying Kite, Crashing Ship on January 1, 2011.

Follow this link directly to Krista's sale page at Muse It Up Publishing's very own Book Store.
Also follow the links there to Krista's own website and how you can talk to her directly.

Also...we at Muse Publishing

want to wish EVERYONE


At Muse we are...
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Cyrus Keith said...

Very nice! This is going to make an interesting read!

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Wonderful as usual. And you chose the best ever Dr. Who--David Tennant!

Kat said...

I'm looking forward to this.

Lin said...

Thanks All. These are so much fun to do, but I always hope I have caught the general theme of the story.

S.Durham said...

Lin really, you do such a amazing job! I'm going to get my stuff to you soon:)

Happy New Year too!


Anonymous said...

Krista - sounds amazing - time travel intrigues me. Congratulations on your book - looking forward to reading it.
Lin - again, awesome...you graphic blurb wizard.
I'm very excited for January 1st! Happy New Year to you too!

Lin said...

Sara, it is awalys a thrill for me to have my fellow authors excited about letting me do these "stationary" trailers. I am so proud to be a part of the Muse Family, I wanted to do soemthing to prove how excited, proud, and honored I am to be a part of all that we represent. Each of you is a treasured "family" member...a family memeber I want oNLY to give my absolute best to.

Writers have always been my heroes, and now I get to do something for all you back.

KayDee, Your praise makes me blush. Thanks. Kat we're going to end up poor, but in e-book heaven.

I was once asked what I imagined Heaven to be, and I told Kat, being able to spend Eternity in the Universe's Eternal Library. MMMmmmm Can't think of anything better...especially since I'd also be able to sit and talk with the original author.