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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Kay Dee Royal
Renowned Author and Book Reviewer
Reviewed MY story.
I am SOOOOOO Excited.

Santa is a Lady

L.J. Holmes

ISBN e-book: 978-1-926931-06-7

Seasonal – sweet romance

Muse It Up Publishing – December 2010

Book Review by – Kay Dee Royal

Eight years ago Angie Brightwell almost lost her life in a car accident. She came out of it changed forever. Two years ago Cam Drayton suffered a terrible tragedy, changing his life forever.

Threads of synchronicities bring Angie and Cam together at the most spiritual and vulnerable time of year, during the Christmas holiday season.

Ms. Holmes weaves a stunning blend of strong characters, from Angie’s disabilities and her acceptance of the life she must live, to Angie’s best friend, Becca and all of her selfish reckonings, and then to Cam’s return from service with a young child and a broken heart. Ms. Holmes breaths life into each of them, building tensions in relationships in a way that both pulls the reader along and also thoughtfully holds the reader long after the story is over.

This short book is a Christmas delight, giving all of the warmth and delightful spirit appreciated all year round, but most especially during the Christmas holiday.

Santa is a Lady is a definite must read worthy of making it onto Santa’s gift list.

Thank you Kay Dee.

You all can follow Kay Dee at her blog http://kaydeeroyal.blogspot.com/?zx=49d945076e2dc4ed

And on her Author Page at Muse It Hot Publishing http://museithotpublishing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=82

And you can also check out MY cover blog for the book SHE has coming out BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY WOLF from the Muse It HOT side of the Muse Publishing Company.



lionmother said...

Happy Birthday, Lin!!! This is a great present!!! What a wonderful review.

Lin said...

Thanks. Today has been a day filled with so many wonderful people that I am grateful to now call "family" sending me love and well wishes. I love the review Kay Dee did for me. Every single one of you, those from Muse and my exceptional friends with other publishers have given me a gift beyond measure. I have always felt the real celebrities in this world are authors...they can take you to places exotic and enriching. To now have so many author friends and be a part of something as incredible as Muse, has filled my world with celebrities and allowed me to join their ranks.

Thank you one and all. You are my heroes, and my beloved extended family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lin!!! You amazing woman - may all things good and wonderful Bless you today and always.
I miss one day on my computer and the most awesome events happen without me.

hotcha12 said...


Lin said...

Hotcha 12, I would love having you review Santa is a Lady. Let me know where to send it to you.