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L.J. Holmes
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Sunday, November 21, 2010


One minute you’re a beautiful African American brunette,

the next minute you’re a petite blonde.

One minute you’re an average Mom

with a bit of a secret…an affair IS a secret, right?

And the next minute you’re a cool, highly skilled, singularly successful assassin on a mission that changes everything.

Waking up in a mountain hospital in Oregon, memory spotty, identity sporadic bits and pieces that make no sense requires all Nadia has left.

Who is she? What is she beneath her skin?

Can she stand the answers to those vitally important questions, especially when other killers come out of the woodwork and line up for one of two purposes…reclaim the real, whomever and whatever she might be, or eliminate that who, that what?

Becoming Nadia is a tale of the near future when science in the form of something called THE PINNACLE amalgamates with Nature and Nadia, Nano-triggered, Antimatter,

Demolition/Interdiction Apparatus, Velasquez is born.

Discovering the memories of African American FBI Agent and deceased Alicia Burgess, and the powerful recognition of Alicia’s former lover FBI Agent Jon Daniels

within her senses sends Nadia and Jon on a harrowing journey rife with death, intrigue, and primal discovery.

Join them when multi-talented author Cyrus Keith and Muse It UP Publishing
cover by Muse Publishing's AMAZING Cover Art Goddess

Delilah K. Stephans, release the powerful e-book BECOMING NADIA

on April 1, 2011. You will step into Science Fiction perfection and wonder where Cyrus Keith has been all your reading life.

You can follow Cyrus on the Muse It Up Webpage.

Cyrus is also available for questions and comments via his e-mail address cyrus.keith@yahoo.com

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Kat said...

Love what you did. Can't wait to read this.:-)

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Another amazing build-up, and to be totally honest, the editors swiped and assessed this one before I had a chance to read the full story so I am looking forward to the complete edited read just as much as our readers. Kudos, and congrats, Cyrus.

Anonymous said...

Cyrus - book sound intriguing - definitely something I look forward to reading - Congratulations on your release.
Lin, another great stationary trailer (smiles).

Lin said...

Thanks All, and Cyrus, you know I agree with what has been said here.