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Monday, November 8, 2010


The spoils of the seemingly endless war between England and France called Comte Cohen Ashton to act.
All he needs to do, is infiltrate the home fortress...

...of his sworn enemy, retrieve the priceless artifact that English Brigand has stolen and slip back across the Channel once more.

Sounds easy and it SHOULD have BEEN easy. But Cohen had not counted on the young, exquisitely beautiful bride of his enemy, Lady Cassandra...

...and his own overpowering need to make her his, if only for a night.

But rash actions have consequences.

With war, hatred, and deceit surrounding and enfolding them, Cohen and Cassandra have to face the aftermath of their:


Guilty Kisses by KILLARNEY SHEFFIELD, cover art by Muse Publishing's very own COVER ART GODDESS DELILAH K. STEPHANS, is due for release from Muse It Up Publishing on June 1, 2011. To learn more about this book and its incredibly telented author, follow the link to MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING.


Rhobin said...

As always, a good come-on description of story.

Karen McGrath said...

Very cool, Lin! As always, stunning! :)

MuseItUp Publishing said...

I've missed coming here and waiting in anticipation to read your write ups on the Muse books. You never disappoint, Lin. Kudos.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Great job Lin. Beautiful pictures. You are amazing. Sounds like a great story Killarney, can't wait to read it.

lionmother said...

I have given in and am now following your amazing blog!! I love the pictures and the cover is awesome!!!

I can't wait to see my own cover.:) But you will probably not feature it, because it isn't romance or horror.:)

Still can't wait to read this book. It sounds wonderful.:)

Kat said...

Hey Lion, if it's a Muse cover she'll feature it. The YA novels have their own blog that she features stuff on. Excellent job mom.:-)

Lin said...

Thank you all for your praise. For anyoone who is a YA author my YA Muse blogspot is


and for those who have books with other publishers check out my previous postings at


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome trailer with the scroll of my mouse. Great job Lin. I'm totally impressed with your vision and imagination.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great description with clever dialogue and photos. You an Delilah together are amazing.
The story too sounds like a great read.

Lin said...

I am honored to be included in the same sentence with Delilah. Her talent leaves me breathless.