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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Welcome to another fantastic Muse It Up Publishing gem. Today's spotlight focuses on Mary Andrew's Book Two ; RESONANCES in her Fireborn Chronicles, and yes, the cover is done by Muse's Cover Goddess DELILAH K. STEPHANS.

From within the Universes Oceans...

...a new galaxy is born, uncluttered by the vagaries and capriciousness of mankind.

Billions of years later, the fiery, swirling, coalescing gasses cool, condense and become...

...the Hive Universe.

What is the Hive Universe? The Universal Government has offered a solution for all planets. They, the UG, will take their criminals and non-productive societal members, cart them off to the Hive Universe and turn them around leaving the parent planet free to live on without these disruption.

Off in their majestic looking transports...a win-win for all...right?

But what does the UG really have in mind? Can you not imagine the speculation, spoken under the safety of whispers, what might happen to your cousin Jauntinos? What kind of abnormal creature might come from the UG having total control? Some think they'll create the PERFECT Hive Dream...an amalgamation of man and technology. What might that look like?

But their imaginings are wrong. Meet Rael Pointe, age 37, Commander, Overlord, God-Head, and the only person to ever escape the Hive Planet as a new born after having been fully implanted with the Compu-link interface. He's a technopath who can sense, hear, and even control technological items remotely...a definite plus on the Universal web...

...He is also the leader of The Dark Ops unit of the Universal Government.

Now meet Ira Haze, at twenty-one he is a telemph who receives and transmits emotions, and as a FINDER, he could shift his senses to see and share the universe on a metaphysical level.

Tristen is twenty and has no vocal chords, but at ten she was surgically blinded. Now she "sees" through the eyes of others...speaks mind-to-mind, can implant illusions in others upon contact. She is also physically and mentally bonded to Ira...oh and one more thing...she can receive transmissions from...

...Archangel Gabriel, who serves as a mental nexus point to the Overlord...and is Tristen's master.

Laynald Lockheim at 52 was a Physician-Supreme of a Royal Court on his home world. He's well versed in the ways of assassination, politics, strategy, and yes, also healing.

Thus we have the forces for good in place, but for their to be a need for a force for good, there must of course be a force for bad, and Mary Andrews gave us them as well.

Step with me, from a safe distance into the Land of the Oracle Triad. Step lively and let us cloak our presence for over there I see the Mother Ship, Seraphim approaching...well our timing is a bit off, I guess, but as long as we remain cloaked, we should be safe...for now.

The Oracle Triad is made up of three butt wad ugly old guys that normally dress in shiny robes who look alike. Because we are hovering around cloaked, we caught this one in his semi-natural state. These are mysterious and powerful dudes with psionic powers that make me want to turn tale and run...even from this distance. No one has been able to prove this, so please don't quote me, but they are suspected of masterminding an invasion of the known universe...thankfully they didn't know about my speck of planetary mass...and I'd really like to keep it that way.

And now the fraternal twins of evil: Beginning with Lord Deshon Derida a twenty-five year old psychic vampire. Anyone who gets within twenty feet of this dubious charmer becomes affected by having him leeching away the life force. Not a pleasant guy...even though he's got some really unnatural though mean charisma going on.

What a shame him being so good looking but so darned evil!

Nevon Derida, unlike his brother Deshon is a SIPHON...he is able to channel the most primal energy found in the universe. Some think he controls the very breath of God, the stuff of creation.

While Deshon drinks in energy, Nevon emits it, almost as if he's a walking aphrodisiac.

The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances is due to be released by Muse It Up Publishing on 11/01/10.

Until then you can read an excerpt from this suspense filled novel at Mary Andrew's website by clicking HERE.

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Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

Very interesting posting, Lin. I love what you're doing with the teaser photos and descriptions. You're a clever girl (hehe). :)

Lin said...

Thank you Rebecca. I keep hoping I am doing right by all of my fellow Musers. I want to honor all of you.

Roseanne Dowell said...

You amaze me and you thought you weren't doing enough by having interviews. Sweetie, you're doing at least twice if not more work then I ever did with interviews. I mean seriously, I send out the interview, the author fills it out and sends it back and I post it. How hard is that? Great job, my friend.

Mary Andrews said...

OMG! That was amazing. I love your pictorial depictations. Where do you get all these great pictures?

At first, when you said HIVE UNIVERSE, I thought, 'Oh no, it's Hive planet....' but ya know,if I tilt my head a little to the left, you're right on spot. I may have to go back and re read my own work. =]

If you can do this much without reading the book, I'd love to see what you'd do after reading it.

Maybe, in the future, you should open up a book review site in this style.

Thank you for the wonderful job here. You have a real way of entertaining while you promote.

I love your site.

--Mary Andrews

Lin said...

Thank you all. Mary, I hunt Google images. I have to be very careful not to choose pics that are copyrighted, and with these eyes that means sending them to my photo software where I can blow them up and see if there is a copyright stamping anywhere on the photo. Luckily if I stay at it, there are enough non-copyrighted photos out there to eventually find something close to what I am looking for.

Do this as a PRO? I do this because as Ro said, I don't yet have it figured out how to do the "typical" blog interviews. This is easy...THAT, well coming up with unique questions, that isn't easy.

And you are most welcome. I am truly honored to have so many talented brothers and sisters to brag about.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

what great pictures, and they suit the characters so well. I don't think she needs the book to get them any better---but of course we want her to read the book. lol. great job both of you

Lin said...

Thanks Larion, and everyone else for comign in, checking my blog out and leaving your generous words. You all make my heart swell.