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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What if you were told you had to abandon your home, your friends, your loved ones, your career, your money, your dreams, and most importantly, you life...and not just for a day or two, but for ever?

Sounds like a corny script out of the US. Federal Protection Program doesn't it. It's my understanding, even though I never quite made it into it, that the program has many pluses....

...and a few negatives.

"What?. That's NOT what's happening hear?"

Okay, here's what I know, so far. You'd all best be sitting down before continuing on. Don't want any tragedies, before the real tragedies begin.

It's 2015...so you had all better mark your calendars and cast a wary eye over your shoulder in case it decides to start sooner.

Some of you are shaking your head and calling it a Phenomenon like the one in that John Travolta Movie, but that is entertainment, this is not.

Human kind is undergoing a procedure that no man, woman, or child could ever have prepared for.

Meet some alien germs. They look sorta cute don't they, but they're not.
When these vile creatures burrow under your unsuspecting skin, mankind can expect such an epidemic and because they are alien how you gonna cure them?

Science, History and Fantasy may hold the ONLY clues.

You could appeal to a world that lives and breathes scientific discovery. Such a world would be resplendent with the magical tools of science discovery....you'd have microscopes, with at least one in every home...

And DNA labs set up to splice the genomes and learn every peevish little quirk that double-helix possesses.

Chemistry labs are likely the equivalent of a baby's first rattle on this highly qualified world. What baby wouldn't want to understand why his poo was the same consistency and color as mustard?

And of course years later, that bored but inquisitive boy scientist would be eager to learn why there are certain times a match placed against the seat of his pants can create a rich plume of flammable gas. I've never understood that scientific quests but all boys seem to need to test it.

A world that has studied ours? Oh MY, surely they would be able to help wouldn't they? And they'd be advanced enough to maybe have actually seen what is currently happening right under our noses.

Course I doubt they'd limit there studies to just how America creates it positives and negatives...not when there is a huge world beyond our own boundaries. So would these historical geniuses have spent enough time on Earth's issues, or would it be far more likely to assume they've been striking there noises in ALL kinds of galaxies?

But hey...these are ALIEN germs. by the very fact of that exploration isn't it possible...no highly LIKELY that they've come across planets that HAD dealt with and SURVIVED these beasties? Seriously. Look at the map of the Universe's history. There's a whole LOT of universe for historians to study.

But Fantasy...now fantasy can weave and interact with all of the other two. Throughout history we have heard tell of pookas, leprechauns, elf's, fairy, witches, warlocks, avatars, trolls, mythological gods, monsters and gremlins that still bring shivers to your spine...and they all possess magic of varying levels.

Off to a fantasy world we go, only to find it stark and unwilling to give us more than a cursory glance. Look at it. What could have led it into this colorless land and have it be so unwilling to share the wisdom of eradicating the alien germs now decimating our world? When had this world turned so magic defeated?

Back into our spacecrafts we head to the land of science. But what we find here is even more terrifying than what we left back on our own world and the world of magic.

Science has gone awry. It has twisted in upon itself in its ever deeper quest to manipulate the tiniest of molecules.

They all need help. Earth is being destroyed by epidemics beyond their comprehension...The scientific world has welded itself into confusing knots, and the fantasy world has forgotten the need for shared magic...

In a state of pure and mutual desperation each planet suffering its' own epidemic, turn to the never ending black sky in the last search for their survival...

Join Tina Schizas as she brings George Schizas terrifyingly brilliant cover AHTABAT out into the world on December 1, 2010 with a message they both hope we'll all heed right along with those we'll meet within the pages of her novel...

This is Tina's first YA novel and it will leave you sitting on the edge of your seats...and wanting more.

Tina can be followed on the MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING WEBSITE.

I'm sure she'd be happy to come back here and answer any questions and respond to any comments you might have after reading about her story.

And never forget Litsa's incredible motto for what Muse It Up Stands For



MuseItUp Publishing said...

Lin, your creative thinking in placing these covers and the build up you do astounds me all the time. Tina is not here and won't be back until the end of July but I told her about the blog and asked me to say THANK YOU in capital letters..."because I want her to know how much I appreciate that. I don't know how to promote and help is really really good."

She said she's going to post something when she has access to a computer.

Thank you again, Lin. You made both of my kids smile.

Roseanne Dowell said...

I agree. The way you present these books absolutely amazes me. Each one is better than the previous. I can't wait until I have a cover for you to present.

Lin said...

I am looking forward to the honor of presenting your cover and its accompanying story, Roseanne...and Lea, this one was very important for me to do well.

Kat said...

That woman with the bug eyes totally freaked me out.:-)

Ginger Simpson said...

Another amazing job. You continue to amaze me, Lin. Your blogs are better than videos because you truly bring the story to life with your words and pictures. How lucky are we to have you on our team?

Karen McGrath said...

Lin, you are the coolest! :) And this book sounds wonderful!

bbockman said...

All of you involved in this book have fantastic imaginations. It's wonderfully collaborative.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

that cover is just plain spooky. right on.