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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The parade continues with the LAST of the five COVER ART GODDESS DELILAH STEPHANS' incredible work and the equally spellbinding stories from Muse It Up Publishing's caravan of talented authors due for the October 2010's release.

So where are we going to travel today? What new lands will the authors and Delilah take us to, and are we ready to make that step into the unknown final fifth?

Something tells me we are about to step into some really scary places. Look at the terror on Mr. Pumpkin's face. Pumpkin? October? And abject fear etched across his round, autumnal face.

Is it just me, or are these guys even MORE terrified than Mr. Pumpkin, One? Three pumpkins...each of them shrieking in silent terror. I have a feeling Muse It Up's fifth release is going to scare the goosebumps out of me.

Well, hey...this doesn't look all that scary. Okay it's painful to be the wallflower at the ball, but not scary. So how come Mister Pumpkins One, Two, and Three looked like they'd had the daylights shocked out of them?

Okay, a costume ball, and yeah, those are pretty scary costumes, and the shadows are a bit...disturbing...but there's some realistically scary costumes out there for those that want to take a walk on the wild side...right?

Now I'm feeling a little more than disconcerted. What is this? The Killer Valentine Ball by C.A. Verstraete is the fifth Muse It Up Publishing's October 1, 2010 release, and I have to say a HATCHET and THREE glasses? Whatever is going on, and why do I have a feeling those three pumpkins already know that what is going on will raise some hackles?
Jess accepts a blind date...pathetic right, but when you are the last one chosen, the wallflower...well you get the picture, right...but this is no ordinary party by a long shot.
Strobe lights flicker, one moment illumination, next darkness, stark, endless darkness. Dylan guides Jess through the intermittent flashes of clarity. What is happening in that sea of darkness, and why are red streamers suddenly evident during those moments of startling illumination?
Perhaps this is one blind date Jess should have refused.

Oh Dear God! It's a bloody heart! That can't be good, can it?
Was that a...VAMPIRE she saw during that last flash? Or was her mind playing tricks? Costume ball...this HAD to be a costume ball, didn't it, and the vampire was just a really elaborately costumed reveller, right?

I'm outta here! When you scare kitty it is definitely time for Lin to leave. Over here, follow me, and I'll show you how to escape...right to where C.A. Verstraete and the Muse It Up-Family is waiting to enchant, terrorize, enrapture, and take you to distant places and times. CLICK HERE and thanks for visiting.

Oh and please remember the parade of covers continues tomorrow.


Roseanne Dowell said...

That was great. You are definitely talented. You actually had me sitting on the edge of my seat and of course I kept reading. Good going, Lin. I love what you're doing with these covers.

Kat said...

A bloody heart? Thank heavens I wasn't eating when I saw that.:-)

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Lin, you're like our official MC, Master of 'Cover' Ceremonies. :)

I loved this post and like Roseanne, you had me at the edge of my seat waiting to see where it would end. And poor kitty.

hehe Loved that scared kitty picture.

Lin said...

I must admit it is challenging to come up with stories and accompanying visuals every day, but it is also fun.

I made a commitment to my Brother and Sister authors at Muse to boast about them on my blog and they have all been so generous with me, I wanted to make it special and something I really took my time creating for each and every one of them.

Kat, what were you expecting for a novel entitled The Killer Valentine Ball?

Roseanne, and Muse It Up Publishing, I am glad to have kept you on the edges of your seats.;-)

Paul and Karen said...

Ok, so I've been here almost every day, just haven't commented. Great work, Lin! :)


Lin said...

Thanks Karen. I wish they had a counter on these things...then at least I'd know if I am still the blogger orphan and only a few are actually seeing what I'm doing. I need to see if there's such a widget...Lord, here I go again trying to figure out the technoey stuff.
Love Ya.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Hey Lin, the blog and the photos are great! You caught the essence perfectly. Great work.

Ginger Simpson said...

You can't let the number of comments indicate how many people come and read your blog. I follow you, and I read partials everyday and click on the ones that I wish to read entirely. I don't always comment because I'm trying to keep my head about the water. That doesn't mean I'm not reading and thinking about the wonderful job you're doing.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

right you are, ginger. sometimes goggle just doesn't cooperate no matter how hard you try. the covers are great and so is the blog.

Lin said...

Thank you all. I'm really hoping our Reader's loop are also checking in. And Ginger as soon as you get your cover, be preapred for me to bring it on in here and spotlight it and you.