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L.J. Holmes
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hera Comes Calling!

Hi my name is Hera and I am Queen of Mt. Olympus. Recently, the Gods have been hit by financial trouble. So, we've had to come down to Earth and actually work for a living. Most of the others didn't really mind it. But this was terrifying for me. I was so afraid to place my sandal clad feet upon the soil and actually work among humans.

You see, I have a reputation. This rep has been earned over eons, whether I deserved it or not. Thanks to my philandering ex, Zeus, the world knows me as this vindicative shrew. I couldn't be more different, but I got the reputation anyway. So what to do? I don't want people knowing who I am.

Then the light of Apollo's sun hit me. Change my name. Live like a human. So I did. I took the name Heather Juno and bought myself a little place in Vermont. And, since I am the Goddess of Childbirth, I decided to become a midwife. Now no one knows who I am and people trust me to make decisions. It's great.

Or it was until I met this very strange woman named Kat Holmes who decided she had to tell my story. Now, my peaceful world is being turned upside down by not just one man, but two. Like my ex Zeus wasn't enough of a hassle. So now I'm stuck in the middle of two drop dead sexy men who are mortal and have no idea who I am. What could possibly go wrong? PLENTY!

But I'll say this for her, Kat described me really well. In fact, here's a picture she used as a model for how I'd look.

Pretty nice huh? And she just got mock-ups for the cover. I can't wait till you see what her talented cover artist, Missy Lyons did. She totally captured me. And the two guys? Well all I can say is sizzle sizzle! At least if I have to be stuck in this mess I'm stuck in it with hot guys.


N.J.Walters said...

Hera...ah, Heather's story sounds fascinating.

Kat said...

Thanks N.J.:-) It was a lot of fun to write.

Lin said...

Thank you so much Hera for coming and talking to us today. I am honored.

I know you're a goddess so probably already know this, but in case you don't let me tell you that Kat was determined to tell your story and have the truth finally be exposed. It has always ticked her off that your identity and personailty were altered until you were little more than a spiteful witch.

She felt telling your story, your true story was something she just HAD to do. Justice to you demanded it!

I hope you like what she has done and will let all the Gods and Goddesses know she's fair and will be honest in revealing their true stories and document their adventures as they come to Erath to earn their livings.

Oh and one more thing...you're so much better off without Zeus...who needs a hubby that tosses lightning bolts willy nilly when he's ticked? There's not enough medical insurance in the world to convince me he's the man for me!

Kat said...

Oh Zeus has his good points no doubt. But yes, I am much happier since we split. And as for Kat, well I have always wanted to have someone write my biography.

Lin said...

If anyone can dig deep enough to find Zeus' GOOD qualities, it'll be Kat, My Lady, but I have a feeling that is something that is going to take a while. Bad boys...really bad boys need time to evolve, and Zeus is the KING of bad boys...ooh, did you hear thunder just then?

Should I duck, Your Highness? Is that what a mere mortal calls you? I am not as wise in the rules of how to treat Olypmian royalty.

Roseanne Dowell said...

I loved reading the comments from your mother almost as much as I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm not into fantasy or scifi, but this book sounds fascinating to me. I love your writing style. Can't wait to see that cover and by the way, you are a real beauty.

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Loved Hera and her story. Being Greek I know I'll enjoy this tale. Great job! And here's wishing you tons of success with the book.

Lin said...

Kat has given us Olympians a spin that we are all eager to see evolving.

In Kat's first book, she put Aphrodite through some really wild paces. If you haven't read Workign Under Cover boy have you missed a treat! For a girl who rose from the sea in a giant shell, she really DID come out of her shell thanks to Kat.

When I learned Kat was going to write MY story...I could harldy wait to see the adventures, the people, and the challenges she had in store for me.

I never knew there could be so much sizzle that had nothing to do with Zeus and his damned lightning bolts, but oh man do you mortals know how to burn, baby, burn.

Once Kat gets my book's cover I'm hoping you'll see the smile I wear routinely now and know just what wonders you mortals truly are to us Olympians now that we are here and living among you.

Keep us coming Kat. Believe me, we Olympian gods and goddesses need your creative voice telling our stories.

Zeus, settle down! Men! They're all the same...well maybe not...

K.T. Bishop said...

Pretty Good. Check out my character interviews at www.kenibird.blogspot.com

Kat said...

Thanks everyone. I have the cover and it's done. Just waiting for final approval. I'll post it probably tomorrow.