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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Stylish Blogger Award

I want to thank a wonderful author and cyber-friend, Penny Ehrenkranz for awarding my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award. Penny was the very first person to open her blog to me when I was first signed last year with Muse Publishing. Her generosity meant more to me than she can ever know. She opened the world of authors I had always held in the highest regard. Authors are, in MHO, the true celebrities in the world. Without writers, so many acknowledged celebrities would not have the words to memorize they then translate into their own rising star. Thank you so very much Penny.

I have learned during the last year that stylish does not always equate as the most popular. Popular only comes when the rest of the world realizes what some of us are on the ground floor knowing. So the seven bloggers I am about to award this honor to, may not be readily recognizable, but I promise you it is only a matter of time.

1. Ginger Simpson...you've probably already earned this award a time or two, but here it is again.  http://mizging.blogspot.com/
2. Kat Holmes...yes she's my daughter, but everything I have learned about blogging comes from her...definitely stylish  http://katluvr130.blogspot.com/
3. Karen Coté...new, but OMG have you seen her site? When an artist brings animation to promoting other authors, how much more stylish can it be?   http://www.karencote.tv/
4. Delilah K. Stephans...she does not post often but when she does, her postings are amazing.  http://delilahstephans.blogspot.com/
5. Jim Hartley...humor to me is a stunning use of style and no one other than Ginger does humor quite as well as Jim.  http://teenangel.netfirms.com/
6. Larion Wills...how stylish is it to be an author with two names? http://larionmusing.blogspot.com/
7. Kay Dee Royal...Her paranormal site stretches to include many with grace, respect, and joy. That means style to me.  http://www.kaydeeroyal.blogspot.com/

Now comes the tough part...telling you seven new things about me that you might find entertaining/interesting. Since I am a blogging motor-mouth, finding seven new things is going to be hard but here goes.

1. When I grew up females did not drive motorcycles...I have three brothers. They all had motorcycles. I drove motorcycles. I got some incredible stares and people would actually pull up beside me when I was on my way to college putting down the back roads on my Kawasaki in my shorts and knee length black leather boots. Yep. I stopped traffic a time or two.

2. My mother actually made my wedding gown from scratch, It was imported almost transparent white velvet. Mom was a little tipsy when she was cutting the pattern. The front was supposed to be on the fold...which means you don't cut it. Mom started cutting...realized her mistake, knew she could not import more velvet in time, not just because of time, but expense, so she took some of the imported lace left over from the sleeve material, cut it into an appliqué the right size to cover her BooBoo and actually MADE my gown stand out.

3. That same gown, when Kat was eight I cut down to make her Halloween costume. She looked so cute in it in too. (I was divorced by then.)

4. My favorite color is blue, but for some unknown reason when I turned 16 and was given my very first phone, I wanted green AND I wanted my entire room to match. Let me tell you, green is SO not my color!

5. I found out when I was in my early 20's how fast I could get up and run like lightning. I was visiting my parents in the country. There I was sitting on the couch feeding my baby son. Now my dad liked to do things such as installing his own central air, but dad always cut holes large enough to let a moose come through too. I'm feeding my son and I hear this scratching near one of the pipes, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Not Santa, but a bat. I was up and out of the house faster than you can say "bat" with my baby screaming "There's a bat in the house," at the top of my lung. Neighbors on the other end of town heard me screeching and came running!

6. There's a pic of Kat over on the staff portion of the Muse It Up Website that has her blowing bubbles. Well, she wasn't alone. I was out there each and every time, huffing and a puffing, and sending streams of the sparkling orbs out into the tranquil darkening twilight sky. We had happy kids below us jumping around to pop them.

7. I had my first older man when I was seven. Salty was nine and he kissed me all of a sudden right there in the wheat field. I felt sooo grown up!

There you have it. Congratulations to those who won, not go and spread the joy.


Karen Cote said...

You are so very beautiful Lin Holmes. An absolute treasure and the tribute Penny bestowed on you? Well, could it be any more perfect? And then you felt the need to share. You are such class and grace and i am honored at your inclusion of me in your celebration.

This is what makes the day to day struggles worth the effort to keep plugging along. Thank you so very, very much and I loved the new things you shared about yourself. I was smiling the whole time. The bubbles and the dress were my favorite or maybe it was the bat and older man, actually it was all of it. Bless you, dear heart.

Anonymous said...

Lin, CONGRATS on your Stylish Blogger Award! Enjoyed learning some new things about you.
: )

CONGRATS to those who have received the award from you!

Have a GREAT day!!

Adriana said...

Lin - what wonderful memories! I love the one about the bat... I would've reacted the very same way. :) You sound like such a wonderful mom!


Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Congratulations, Lin on your latest award.
I am also awarding you with The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Stop by my blog tomorrow and pick it up! http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com