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Friday, October 28, 2011


Excitement is buzzing in the air...the word is out the

Muse Pantheon is coming and all can meet, greet, and be treated by the

Muse superstars.

One year? That's all it took for the

Pantheon to grow to the popular Temple of Writing Excellence it now is.

(22 Preditors and Editors awards less than THREE months upon the Publishing Hierarchy!)

This coming weekend, in the land of Canadian Maples and magic, The Muse Pantheon

gods and goddesses take their physical form at...ready...

November 4/5/6, MuseItUp Publishing is hosting their first retreat to be held in Montreal.

Writers from around the world will gather for a three day event that includes a huge booksigning   extravaganza at:

Zellers Pointe Claire
on Saturday, November 5, from 1 to 5 pm

Come and meet our authors that day and have a chance to win one of several door prizes, including 500,000 Club Z points offered by Zellers to one lucky winner.

How cool is that?

So who will you meet? Should I leave it as a surprise? Or entice your eyes with SOME of our parade of

Gods and Goddesses?

Toss the dice...anybody got some?

Of course our creator of Pantheon Parady personnas. Thanks Jim. If I roll

ODD I give you clues...if I role

EVEN, you'll just have to sit on the edge of your seats for one more week and wonder. Ready...Jim gave me

Yahtzee dice so hang on while I count all five...






So who's going to be there...

Our Queen Marvel, Publisher Goddess Lea Schizas...I mean seriously what would the

Muse Pantheon descending be without our Uber-queens.

Yeah I said QUEENS because Litsa Kamateros is also onboard. Litsa, our marketing director, coiner of catchy phrases, and little

dynamo will be there too.

Here she is dancing up a storm with Queen Lea. Gotta love Queens that know how to party well.

Who else will be there????

He's one of our gods who writes a series about

sub-species and with his beautiful wife writes about

a shape-sifting

teenie dog PI. Who is he?

Mike Arsuaga and

his lovely Cynthia.

Nancy Bell

both a championship editor and

YA author and under her pen name

Emily Pikkasso a writer of

Myth with a twist.

Have you ever met an Avatar Goddess? Probably haven't, because we believe we have the only one...

Let me introduce you to our Avatar Goddess who just happens to also be one of the best edge-of-your seat suspense writers within the Muse Pantheon. Still don't recognize her?

Hmmm I guess I am going to have to be more creative.

How about now?
Okay, that sort of gave it away. I think she's most recognized here among the rest of us

this way. But those of us who share the Pantheon World with her see her as this...and since you will want to catch up with her during this retreat...well here's the face to seek. You won't be sorry.

Meet our deliciously enchanting Karen Coté.

Another editor-author will be there...I'm not sure if she'll be

wearing bells, but she will be wearing a beaming smile. Her very

first Muse book is available finally and was greeted with tons of excitement, and why not? She is one of the most generous, caring Goddesses among us. Join me in welcoming our very own editor

Chris Speakman, and author

Christine I. Steeves author of Midnight Find.

California brings us an author with TWO Best Selling books and she is going to be there to share her sense of humor, kindness, and down-to-earth love of life.

The first time I saw her cover, done by Muse's exceptional Head Cover Artist, Delilah K. Stephans, I knew this book had to be a winner. I was right, and so is the sequel.

Look at these covers...how could I have been wrong?

oh, and there's a third coming, but no cover yet...can't wait!

Heather Haven.

She writes excellent suspense books for our young. Anyone who can entice our young to read, is tops in my opinion...oh and she's Heather Haven's cousin.

Allow me to introduce Grace DeLuca and her exceptional first book

Betwixt and Between...another stellar Delilah cover by the way.

This coming weekend is also about how dedicated Muse Publishing is to making the world a better place.

From the very beginning Lea and Litsa have dedicated their dwindling free time to educating the world on Autism.

They diligently researched the current trends, spoke with families too familiar with the devastation of this condition, and sought the places to go for help. It is with honor I add this definitive book to this posting.

Recently we lost a Goddess who is now one of our

guardian angels after a very long bout with the relentless destroyer of good...cancer.


Karen McGrath filled both rolls, editor and

talented author. But beyond that, she showed us the grace of

a true angel in the face of something that destroyed her body cell, by cell.

Lavender Dreams, our very first anthology about cancer honors Karen. Muse It Up Publishing created this anthology, all authors donating their talents, so Muse can fund Cancer research and treatment One Dollar at a Time.

Since Lavender Dreams released, we've learned one of our gods lost his battle against this horrible foe. I would give anything not to have to add his name to this, but like Karen,

Hugh Fox,

author, PhD, world traveler, is sitting beside her watching over us...not just Muse, all of us.

Join the Gods and Goddesses of the Muse Pantheon. We have prizes, surprises, and just good fun planned because Muse It Up Publishing is more than just a publisher,

it's a family, we the authors, editors, artists, leaders, and you, the fans.


lionmother said...

Lin, I'm going too! You are too much!!! I admire how you can just keep writing blog after blog and finding these amazing pictures to go with them!!!

Wendy said...

This is Brilliant, Lin. You have showcased MuseItUp and the wonderful people who have made this publishing house so successful. Wishing everyone a fabulous time at the Canadian Book Fair. It's a pity I live on the other side of the world or I would have been there, too

S.Durham said...

Lin, beautiful job! The pictures are always stunning, the tribute to Karen and Hugh Fox was very touching and lovely. Kudos!


Christine London said...

I can't wait to meet all the Go's and Goddesses! Beautiful blog, Lin. Thanks you.
Warm Regards,
Christine London

Lin said...

I wihs I had known you two were going. I tried to remember everyone I knew for certain was going.

I wish you all a glorious time and hope you know Kat and I will be there in spirit.

Love To All.