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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Those in the know have already caught my first report on the coming of THE TRUTH as documented by that

 legal beagle we all know and love

Muse It Up Publishing's Gail Roughton Branan...buttttttt if you're behind the times, you really must catch up before it's too late...so check out my FIRST report on Gail's incredible findings. Hightail it over to REPORT NUMBER ONE

And then you will be up to snuff because THIS is REPORT NUMBER TWO.

The Big Bang? After the last report some wily academicians approached me and said, "You are forgetting

the scientific proof of the BIG BANG as the creator of all that is."

That wasn't bad enough, every theologian this side of the Cosmic String reminded me of all the miracles PROVEN to be created by, well THEE CREATOR.

Here's my response from the data I received from Gail Roughton, the lady who is


Magic! Space dust glittering here and glowing there,

star beams twining magic tendrils within and without creating what we now call our world,

our universe, our everything...but, once upon a time...powerful energies looked upon the blankness of out here and much the way you and I maneuver the players across a

chess board, it began.

Gail Roughton, a most prolific and omnipresent documentor, has faithfully transcribed the

Words On High the True Source shared with her. Does her source give us the answers we have all sought since we first learned to wonder? You know, the answers to then, but also to what moves today and will bring to us tomorrow?

Friday, April 13th, Miami Days and Truscan (K)nights finally releases with all this and more. Be the first on your block to have the answers at the tip of your fingers. You can find the path RIGHT HERE. (Don't you just LOVE this cover? So powerful, like the truths it reveals.)

Join Tess Ames, the personal troubleshooter for the modern day CEO of Miami based Ramos International on a flight into the answers Gail brings us. (Poor Tess has to learn them the hard way.)

Tess is about to discover what truly lies over the rainbow and I guarantee it's not the Tin Man or Cowardly Lion.

Magic...Gail Roughton is bringing it to us in spades.

April 13th, is her Muse It Up Release of

Miami Days and Truscan (K)nights, but right this moment you can check out her OTHER report at
Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz
Penny Ehrenkranz' blog. Join Penny and Gail as they share Gail's other Stop The Press Bulletin, War-N-Wit, Inc.

I have read this book and may I just say

WOW! Give me Gail's magical reports 24/7. You'll love them too.


Wendy said...

This is a wonderful promotion, Lin. Gail must be blown away. You have shown us an intriguing book, so beautifully described. I can't wait to find out how Gail interprets the answers from her Source, to questions we all ponder over. Well done!

gail roughton branan said...

Lin, you have SO outdone yourself! Hell, I wanta go see what happens and I WROTE it!!! Thank you so much! (Particularly, especially love the knight pieces by the chess board! Hint: that's so apropros it's SCARY!)

Lin said...

Thank you both. I loved Gail's book War-N-Wit, Inc. so had a lot of fun puting this bulletin release together.