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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Great Lady Writes

It is always a pleasure to be asked to guest post on any of Ladybug Lin's Blogs...especially since Ladybug Lin is my own author mother, L.J. Holmes.

I am Kat Holmes and I am here today because...

One of my favorite people in this whole world is author N.J. Walters. She writes wonderful stories but is also a

beautiful and giving woman whom it is my honor to call friend.

My first introduction to this woman came through her books. She helped me when I was sick and feeling down. On a whim I bought her book, Christina's Tapestry and read it. It was the first in a series and the book was so fantastic I was hooked. I emailed her to let her know how great her story was and was thrilled when she emailed me back. We've been friends ever since.

I have read all six books in her Tapestry series and each one is an amazing read so full of life. You care about every single character and want them to have their happily ever after.

Christina's Tapestry: This is the book that starts it all and introduces us to the magical world of Javara. This is a world with a problem. Women are scarce and men are forced to compete, brother to brother, for the right to marry. But, thanks to a sorceress and her gift, once a generation a magical tapestry brings women from our world to theirs. And Christina, a woman who by modern standards is overweight, is the first. The Garen brothers have three days to convince her to stay before the tapestry returns to take her home.

Bakra Bride: Book 2 introduces us to Jane Smith, a woman who witnesses a brutal murder and loses everything she holds dear. But when she buys a tapestry on a whim, she's suddenly transported to Javara and finds herself being wooed by Zaren and Bador Bakra, the 2 eldest of the four Bakra brothers. But her presence brings new violence down on their household and she must decide if she can handle being part of a world that is not only beautiful, but primitive.

Woven Dreams: Genita Craddock is the only sister of the Craddock household. Her six brothers are brutal and she has been abused since childhood. But with the surprising help of her youngest brother she manages to flee. However, she finds herself on Bakra land and being protected and courted by Jarmon and Garrick Bakra. She knows however that they have reason to hate her family, but she doesn't count on how much they want to keep her. They won't let anyone, not her cruel brothers, nor her own guilt take her from them.

Threads Of Destiny: Marc Garen is not happy. Christina is truly only the wife to his elder brother and his loneliness eats away at him. But then he dreams of Kathryn Piedmont, a woman in desperate need. Kathryn is a scientist and the daughter of a ruthless man. With the help of her two friends Tienan and Logan she flees only to be taken to Javara and Marc Garen. They will break all the rules of Javara and even the tapestry to be together.

Embroidered Fantasies: Sednar and Radnor Craddock are the only Craddock brothers left. Unlike their older four brothers they respect women. But they are haunted by their family's brutal reputation. Their own people fear them and they know they'll never find a woman to accept them. Roxanne Sykes is a woman in hiding from her brutal ex. When she arrives in Javara she's attracted to the two wounded men who take her in, but she hears whispers about their cruelty. When her own past catches up with her, she has to decide if staying in Javara with Sednar and Radnor is worth the risk.

Fabric Of Fate: Book 6 introduces us to the Dannon brothers. They aren't as wealthy as most lords and have resigned themselves to being alone. But the magical tapestry has plans of its own and brings workaholic Audrey to them. Sick from a recent breakdown, Audrey is determined when the tapestry returns to go home. But the Dannon men invade her heart. Can she find a place for herself in their world, or will she go home leaving them all heartsick forever?

N.J. Walters series is available from Ellora's Cave and is a fantastic series. Each story can be read as a stand alone but each one is well worth reading.

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N.J.Walters said...

You are so sweet. Thank you so much!


Kat Holmes said...

I adore you.:-)

Lin said...

Me too, NJ.