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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm a thief...and proud of it.

I discovered doing my rounds a posting on one of the
Muse It Up Blogs an exposé by my favorite person...yep, my award winning daughter...prolific writer

 KAT HOLMES...so I stole.
The more people who see just how ELEGANT we are here, the more who might decided to check us out.

Now do I HAVE to confess? I don't have tonsillitis...and the
litter box I try to give a wide berth to...but I've gotten really good at 
Spot Botting the little nuisance areas the kitties leave behind when they don't quite channel the pee where the pee is supposed to be!

That said, Kat and I are both delighted to take any opportunity to share who and what we are...How else are we going to convince the masses they really WANT to add us to their 

So here's my daughter Kat Holmes and HER confessions of a HOT AUTHOR> 

Confessions Of A Hot Author

I'm Kat Holmes and I write erotic romances. Based on what I write naturally my life is exotic and filled with adventure and lots of hot sex...right! Sure. That works.

I hate to break the illusion, but I'm totally ordinary. Today on my agenda is a trip to the doctor for a very obvious case of tonsillitis. I need antibiotics. Really exotic right?:-) Oh, and I have a brand new litter box to set up for my kitties. And a whole batch of dirty litter to get out.

Turned on yet?:-) I just had the cable company out and they found the filters with the wires were flooded with water. Oh the excitement.

The fact is, I write hot books. I have a very vivid imagination and I hear voices that demand I tell their stories. Their lives are exciting, dangerous, romantic, and highly sexual. My life however is downright normal. Sometimes it is downright boring.

But, I still love my life. I have the best job in the world, have some of the greatest friends, two precious kitties who make me laugh and make me crazy, a wonderful mom who is my best friend in the world, and each and every one of you, the fans who read my books and have sent me emails saying you enjoyed my stories or that my stories helped you through a bad time in your life. That is, for me, the true treasure of being a hot author.

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