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Monday, May 9, 2011


Life is supposed to progress the way the stories

we're all told as children tell us. Okay, I can get behind the idea that anyone who goes to a ball in

a glass slipper is asking more for bloody feet when they splinter beneath the weight of you dancing around on them, than some "To Die For Prince," but it's the thought that counts


Again, I can concede I wouldn't like biting into

an apple and spending a

hundred years in a poison diverted sleep. The story has the Prince whacking through the

overgrown and gnarled woods...can you imagine whacking his way through a hundred years worth of

leg and arm pit hairs?

So maybe the stories we are fed,

like the pablum in the

baby food jars, might not represent an accurate picture of what adult life is supposed to be, but when you take those

wedding vows, unless you write the new ones, (I'm from the old school, before they allowed you to tamper with the Golden Vows,) you promise to stay together


I remember on that day, so long ago, imagining joining my husband again, when we both crossed,

continuing the "forever" part that resonated inside my heart. But it didn't last.

Two years now. That's how long

my ring finger, you know the one, left hand third from thumb, has been glaringly naked.

It hurt then...the hurt today is different...it's more intermingled with a sense of failure...but it still twinges. It also makes me determined never to place myself on that

roller coaster ride again. Take me up and down that stomach defying journey once, and believe me, throwing up all over it a second time, has

NO appeal.

So how come everyone is always trying to

Charley bar me back into one of those coaster cars? Co-workers, friends, family...I mean really!

I fought my way back from the edge of more pain that I ever thought I could live through, and have found...

contentment. Not a bad thing,

contentment, trust me on this.

I was in this state of comfortable stasis when I went away for

the Christmas break. I know my daughter is one of those who thinks I should..."get over Dad"...so naturally I'm more than a little suspicious when I come home and find my son-in-law's uncle has moved in with them...that he's an all too attractive, wowishly put together, sexy man...oh an a

CONFIRMED BACHELOR...my suspicion meter goes


I gotta tell you, though, it's really hard avoiding someone who lives in your daughter's house when you have no intentions of avoiding your daughter! Don't believe me...try it some time.

My name is Christine Rollins...not too shabby, right?

THIS is Steven. Not hard on the eyes at all is he?

You know the adage that says

"Familiarity breeds contempt"...Well I can tell you just like those Fairy Tales from my childhood, that's another


You can only fight the inevitable for so long...besides it turns out Steven is really a


Do you remember my mentioning I was married? Yeah, ex-husbands...they're supposed to go away and STAY away, right?

But what happens when your ex, a man you spent thirty-five years with, suddenly pops up just when things are getting interesting between you and the new guy, and asks for


Find out this coming June when Roseanne Dowell's next Muse Blockbuster A SECOND CHANCE, cover by Muse Publishing, Inc.'s spectacular

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Emily Pikkasso said...

Sounds like a great read, I must add it to my need to buy list. Lin, the stationary trailer is magnifico as usual. Love you both


Karen Cote said...

You're amazing Lin. That was thoroughly entertaining...sounds wonderful Ro. Looks like you're heading for another great release. Love you both.

lionmother said...

Lin, I love your stationary trailers and this one is great! I didn't know what it was about, but your trailer made me want to read it. Very intriguing story with people closer to my age.:) I hope Roseanne does as well with this one as her last.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Another interesting stationary trailer Lin.
Don't forget Double the Trouble releases first - May 20th as a matter of fact.
Thanks, Lin.

Lin said...


I think my job is to entice the reader of these trailers tobceom interested in the story. I don't want to give away anything, and I hope I didn't. To do more would detract from what the author needs from me...or at least, that's how I feel. Roseanne, am I wrong?

Karen, thanks for letting me know the entertainment part came through. I know my sense of humor is unusual. Hopefully that makes the overall posting all the more memorable.
Emily thanks so much for your comment. You guys are the ones who keep me doing these.

Love To All,

J Q Rose said...

Lin, you did an excellent job of presenting the story so well that I have to read it now...Great premise, Roseanne.

Lin said...

Thanks JQ. I really enjoy doing these postings.