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Monday, April 25, 2011


Pinch Me! I MUST be dreaming.


Yes Me. L.J. Holmes will be interviewed on WHIPPED CREAM on May 3 and I'll pontificate

most brilliantly in an ALL DAY chat on their website on May 4th. A day DEDICATED, to ME...can you believe it?! (I see you snickering over that

...cruel, really, really cruel!)

What WILL I find to talk about? Boring

little me? Hmmm.

Okay, I can heat things up by talking about what it feels like to get the number one hottest cover at Muse Publishing so far...You know THAT one up there.

(I won't blame you for taking another look.)

I can talk about my very first ever release SANTA IS A LADY that took an astonishing
2010 Fifth Place
FIFTH PLACE less than six weeks after it released in the 2010 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. 

I can talk about having a daughter who lives with me and is a Best Selling Author. Have you READ her amazing world Artica with the release of

FROZEN? Not to mention her

P.E.A.R.L. nominated suspense, mystery, romance


See, I can talk about being a writer and sharing it with my writer daughter. Is that not

symbiotic or what?

Oh and I am sure I can talk about lots of other things, like

Muse Publishing

and the TWELVE CONTRACTS I have with this

exploding from the pack new e-Pub.

Here's the urls

 so you can find me on both


3rd for the interview,


4th for the unscripted, oh my,



TWO dates?



MuseItUp Publishing said...

Okay, you're way too cute. Interviews are great. Marked it down to go and check them out.

Terra Pennington said...

All right so tell me were I can find This time forever. I really need to get a close look at that man--oh I mean cover.

I will be there for your party at WC2 on the 4th.


Lin said...

Thank You Lea and Terra.

Terra, This Time Forever releases in August. We at Muse Publishing got real gold when Delilah signed on as the Cover Art Goddess, and this cover has blown everyone away. I am truly blessed she didn't come across this grouping until my story needed her magic.

Lea, I'm way too CUTE? Uhhhh whatever glasses you're using, I want to coat all my mirrors with their magic. ;-)

Karen Cote said...

You are just adorable and I love these, Lin. I think we all knew how hot the cover is on This Time Forever. I've got you on my calendar...love you.

Cyrus Keith said...

Oh, I dunno. Cover didn't do much for me. ;-)

Awesome on the interview, Lin. BTW, how in the ever-loving WORLD did you crank out TWELVE CONTRACTS in less than a year? cryin' out loud, I'm sweating to manage two, plus a third WIP.

Anonymous said...

Marked it down Lin. See you then.

mike arsuaga said...

Good luck. You deserve it for all you do for the rest of us with your blogs and general efficacious presence. And I mean "efficacious".

Lin said...

You all make me feel so loved and special. How could I not ADORE being part of this Muse Family? Terra, you keep this up and we're going to have to rope you into being a Muser. :>)