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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mick is your typical up and coming stockbroker with a golden touch.

Every day he battles the morning traffic, intent on getting to The Exchange so he can follow the parade of numbers that help him make fortunes grow, for others.

But like the afterimage burnt upon your

retinas from the flash of a camera's bulb, numbers and their halos continue to chase each other around inside Mick's number burdened vision, haunting him even as he drives back home at the end of each day in

his beloved Classic Mustang convertible.

His life...well, his life at work, is comfortably well ordered and even though he downs

Maalox like it's juice, he loves his business life.

Home? Well that's a different story. Growing up in a big family, Mick the oldest of six had its...issues.

The Waltons they were not.

Still family matters...right? And he makes sure to let his family know how much they matter, but

a monumental storm is approaching. Will Mick survive when secrets shaped by his life are the fallout from that storm?

TWILIGHT COMES by L.J. Holmes, yep, that's me, takes a look at the less than idyllic life of a large family with roots

going back to the original pioneers aboard

the Mayflower.

Releasing from Muse It Up Publising in May 2011, TWILIGHT COMES can be found

HERE at the

Muse Bookstore.

L.J., moi, can be found at my MUSE AUTHOR'S PAGE, here at my LINS OWN BLOG

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Karen Cote said...

That guy is HOT! Look at you putting together his life for us to fantasize about. Sounds like another wonderful masterpiece by you, my dear Lin. You're such an inspiration to us new writers.

You're an integral part of Muse and I love you.

S.Durham said...

This looks good Lin! I like that green mustang:)...


Lin said...

This is a dark story. But he is good looking.

Jodi said...

There was this Italian guy I met in Venice during "carnivale" that looked just like him and we... well, nevermind... I can't wait to read your book, Lin! (I'm pretty sure my guy wasn't a stock broker though.)

Joelle Walker

Lin said...

I'm pretty sure he wasn't your Venice ice cream flavor, but he is easy on the eyes isn't he?

I remember the number one guy in my high school class and drooling rather pathetically from afar. (I didn't blossom until I was in my thirties. By then I was a size four with really long blonde hair and legs that looked pretty good in mini-skirts the second time around.)

I thought about going to our 20 year reunion and letting him see what he'd missed out on, but I passed.

Still I DID run into our number two highschool class guy the year I turned 40. Wow did his eyes pop out of his head. We retrieved one, but the other is still rolling around New Hope somewhere...assuming it hasn't been permanently squashed since then.

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

They're BOTH hot! Sounds like another great read.