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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Life is never

calm, cool, and collected when you were created to be a sneaky

weapon of mass destruction.

I am Nadia Velasquez. Six months ago I woke in an Oregon hospital and learned that I may look like your average woman on the outside, but looks in my case are

super deceiving.

Fashioned by the

evil Pinnacle, a cabal secretly trying to control the entire world as the power behind

governments and

thrones, I took exception to my designated purpose and along with rogue

FBI agent Jon Daniels, destroyed the lab and exposed the Pinnacle and its connections for what it is.

That was then, now is...well, now...is

six months in the future.

Jon and I are spending quality time together...as quality as is possible for a...hmmm,

I'm still not really sure what I am, and a HUMAN man. I think I may be a bit out of my depth.

While Jon and I are taking

baby steps towards who knows what, we are about to learn The Pinnacle has not

slithered away in defeat after all.

They have a secret lab...again...elsewhere!

Everyone knows evil does not die easily. You cut off one arm or one head and like the mythical

Hydra, three more replace it. The Pinnacle, a king maker, ruling the world from behind, above, and around every throne, is the equivalent of that

evil that cannot easily be obliterated.

A bloody massacre of retaliation leaves this country without a vice president, his assassination along with the beheading of every team member behind the destruction of that Oregon lab, call Jon and I back into action.

But before we can even THINK about success, we must get through The Pinnacle's most deadly...deadlier than me?...weapon,

Jenna Paine.

Who will survive, who will die, and will

The Pinnacle finally be


UNALIVE cover by Muse Publishing's very on head Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans, was written by master thriller maker,

Cyrus Keith.

Unalive is Book Two in The NADIA Project Series and is about to be released in August 2011 from the
Muse It Up side of

Muse Publishing, Inc.

Come on over to Unalive's BUY PAGE for more information and updates. Also BECOMING NADIA, Book One is AVAILABLE now.

Learn about Cyrus Keith on his AUTHOR'S page at Muse Publishing.

Remember at Muse Publishing Inc, we are dedicated to the promise of our motto,


On behalf of all of us at the Muse Family,

readers for becoming an integral part of our dream.


S.Durham said...

Guess I better get my rear in gear and read Becoming Nadia before Unalive is released:) As usual Lin, great trailer!


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Cyrus, good luck with book two!