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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Growing up without a dad sucks!

I was seven when mine


Everybody else gets to spend their time

after school learning how to toss, catch, and

bat at balls with

dad cheering them on. Up and down

my street, classmates and their dads play together...but

not me!

I'm Mike Malone and I wish I had a dad.

I tried to hang on to my memories of him, but I guess my brain isn't smart enough to keep dad's image

locked away in my

long term memory.

Eventually you

accept the cards you were dealt and

get on with the business of living your life. After all, we all have our own things to do in this life.

Adjusting expectations so they don't include a dad you do get used to, and

time moves on.


I become

a man...

legally. Yeah, I know, technically I've been a man since

dad died. Everyone kept telling me I was now

the man of the house, but tomorrow it happens for


So how come I'm

thinking about my dad

all of a sudden?

What are you supposed

 to feel when you are suddenly

dropped a

bombshell on the night of your approaching

manhood? Seems dear old dad is NOT dead after all...

nor is he human.

He's a

fallen angel and he wants to use

ME to help him snare all

heavenly and

demonic power throughout the ENTIRE

universe and beyond for himself.

I'm dreaming right?


Why couldnt' I have had a

"normal' dad? And what do I do


Will Mike Malone heed

the call of his dad, or will he say

"no?" If he says no, what will his father do?

The Calling of Mike Malone, cover by Muse Publishing's very own Cover Art God,

Tiger Matthews, is releasing from the

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Written by multi-talented author M.L. Archer, Mike Malone is about to learn what happens when your dad belongs

to the dark side.

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M. L. Archer said...

That's beautiful, Lin! Thank you!

zxcvbnm said...

The all of the wild(er)!