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L.J. Holmes
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Sunday, August 28, 2011


It was Reba McEntire's fault. Today they were doing a Reba McEntire all day music-a-thon. Okay, she loved Reba. If she didn't no way that song would have reached through all her years of wall building and found the one vulnerable brick to bring the wall crumbling down around her.

FANCY! The dang fangled video was like a photo finish of her own story. Ramshackle tar paper hut, but with a twist...it sat with the mansion where her grandparents lived out their miserly existence allowing their son and his young family to subsist in that shack.

FANCY! The last thing she wanted to be doing was pulling into the driveway beside the disintegrating mass of pain and moldering decay.

FANCY! Who needed these reminders? The sound of mice, rats and God knows what else scritching and scratching within the tattered wall and across the jagged floorboards raced up and down her spine.

FANCY! And that gawdawful mansion. She'd never been allowed inside the forgotten elegance she'd often looked towards with envy and silent fury in her youth.

FANCY! she needed to get back in her car and leave with the same determination to never return she'd had the minute she'd been able to.

FANCY! The wind...the wind could not really be calling her...could it?

Beyond Yesterday, cover by the immensely gifted Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.'s Head Cover Art Goddess,

Delilah K. Stephans, written by

Preditors and Editors award winning author,

L.J. Holmes is being released not too long from now...Let's see, this is August 28, 2011, and Beyond Yesterday is coming out from the

Muse It Up Wing of the

Muse Publishing, Inc house in September...so just around the corner.

Check out the Muse Bookstore Buy Page for Beyond Yesterday where you can learn more about this book, and it's prolific author, L.J. Holmes.

One other thing before we release you to check out Muse Publishing where our Motto is


All author's proceeds for this book will be donated to the

Burlington County, NJ Women's Shelter known as THE PROVIDENCE HOUSE, where the

dream is to live without fear of what tomorrow might bring.


gail roughton branan said...

Fabulous! And so not surprising you're donating proceeds on this one to a Women's Shelter. We love you, honey!

Lin said...

I will be donating the proceeds for this one, plus my October, November and December releases to The Providence House Woman's Shelter. They were there when I needed their strength to leave my abuser. Without them I know I would not be alive today.

Tanja said...

We are humbled by your generosity, Lin, just as we are awed by your talent.

lionmother said...

Lin, I am always amazed by your generosity of spirit and ability to give back! You are truly one of a kind and I hope that these books generate enough sales to help this very worthy place help more women. I am so glad you are able to use your talent to help other women who unfortunately were in your situation. You are the best and I love you for so much!!!