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Monday, January 16, 2012


His words are liberally laced with giggles. His concepts have you bowing one moment, then grabbing your side to rub the stitch your guffaws at his proclamations have caused.

Sir Graeme is the essence of elegant speak and joins these luminaries as knights of the magical round table of humor...assuming King Arthur's round table included Sir George of Burns, that cigar smoking singer who chooses to warble in a  key we struggle not to wince over. 

Sir Bob of Hope, (also known as Packy East...bet you didn't know that!), and ski-nose.

Sir Stan of Laurel  and Sir Ollie of Hardy; what a pair of royal knights of the Laugh Table they made!

Sir Jack of Benny, who will forever be just thirty-nine.

Sir Desi of Arnaz who's in need of much 'splainin'.

Sir Bill of Cosby, creator of Fat Albert, and ponderer of "what's a cubit?'

Sir Dean of Martin, and Sir Jerry of Lewis. Be still my giggling heart,

and of course Sir Moe,

Sir Larry and

Sir Curly of Stooges.

And who do these mirthing knights court? Well quite naturally they court the knightettes!

Lady Carol of Burnett, champion of the Tarzan yell!

Lady Phyllis of Diller...she married Fang, Sir Curly's valet. (Bet you didn't know that either! Okay maybe THAT'S a bit of poetic exaggeration.)

Lady Gracie of Allen, who kept Sir George of Burns bedecked in some really intriguing hand-stitched attire.

Lady Lucy of Ball...with all that 'splainin' how did she find time to stomp those grapes, or demonstrate

Lady Betty of White,

a golden girl, with many a password forming on her lips while getting hot in Cleveland. 

Lady Bernadette of Peters. Singing to the Muppets, and letting Steve Martin play the jerk let her shine.

Lady Madeline of Kahn, no one could have ever portrayed Clue's Mrs. White better.

and Lady Gilda of Radner a queen among her peers, she brought Saturday Night ALIVE!.

Muse It Up Publishing opened its doors, not knowing

HE would cross the threshold...he who belongs with all his luminaries past and present at that

Round Table of Humor...except, we have to do better.

I have no Round Table, and Camelot

has gone to the same dimension as Valhalla, so it is my duty to crown the incontrovertible KING of all things humorous here, in our dimension...our world.

He came to us, simply as Sir Graeme Smith, hiding his light beneath the patina of authorial eloquence, but he could not hide his true brilliance for long.

Just as our Queen of all things Humorous, Ginger Simpson deserved her coronation, so too does Sir Graeme, hereafter known as

MUSE KING OF HUMOR...Please bow before His Majesty, and grab your side...(might as well be prepared.)

I am lowering the crown upon him and you know what THAT means!

All Hail

King Graeme of the Muse...long may he infuse his humor upon us.


gail roughton branan said...

Knew I needed to be on the lookout for a link! Absolute perfection for Sir Graeme of Smith.

Graeme Smith said...

Lady Lin

I'd say ye honour me too much, but then it would be a race as to who beat me about my pate first, ye or that madwoman, Lady Gail of Brananananananananan.... hmmm. It be a bit like bananananana, that. It be not the spelling of it, more the stopping :-P.
I'd say 'uneasy lies the head that wears a crown' - but most heads only lie _after_ they've been cut off, so the whole 'uneasy' thing tends to be a bit late for them.
I'd sink (or rise :-P) to hubris, and think every word ye speak both true and plain - but that would be merely to echo those wights that did Go West, and mark me the King of Wishful Thinking.
So I'll say but little (looks up - oops. Blew that one then :-) ), and say but my thanks for praise I have not yet earned or merited, but treasure dear, and my word to set me to the task of being worthy of thy reagard.
Oh - and you're just as mad as Lady Gail. So there :-PPPPP.

The Idiot

Cheryl said...

Wow, some exalted company here! But Graeme can stand up with the best!

Sylvia Ney said...

What a wonderful list...some of my favorites here. Thanks for sharing a cute post!


Graeme Smith said...

Lady Cheryl

You are, indeed, too kind to this lackwit Fool. Or Idiot :-P.
Oh - and the check's in the post (blushes).

The Idiot

Lin said...

King Graeme,

I take my posting duties quite seriously. Never do I post unworthy drivel, so ppphttt back at you!

Anne E. Johnson said...

Lin, I've given your blog an award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up.

Lin said...

Thank you Anne. I deeply appreicate the award and the encouragement.