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Friday, October 5, 2012

Growing Up Lin Part two, OR...one pa-tootie

In part one of GROWING UP LIN, I introduced one and all to my exposure to Benny Hill...Well I was out shopping for t-paper today and realized it is time to continue sharing why Benny Hill HAD to be the popular show it was...

Are we all ready to praise the

porcelain throne again...?

Time should always be spent feeding the little gray cells, as the infamous Hercule Poirot would say.

One of the things I've learned to do since the old eyes are starting to show the world in a whole new distortion is turn on the lights other wise...

...this happens and no matter how often I scrub the porcelain god, I really cringe when this happens...don't you?

I've always known I had good reasons for not having dogs. I always thought it was because I live in an apartment now and don't have the time or energy to walk them....

...I was wrong.

Then there are the times when you just washed it and
can't do a damned thing with it, so have only one choice.

You know all those garden gnomes that are so popular now...well I discovered what they do when you're away...
Gnome Toilet Animated
...and it ain't pretty!

I told y'all I went out and bought t-paper. I grew up always calling it a toilet roll. What else WOULD you call it...but like so much of my lonnnggg life...

...I was wrong. Here's the REAL toilet roll.

There are johns you come across out there in the BIG OLD world I just KNOW would intimidate my bladder into seizing up the minute it sees them...

...none moreso than this one.  And I don't know if I'd really want this level of...

convenience...would you?

And now I will leave you with a sign that might proudly announce accomplishments but I think I'll pass on adding it to my home's

breathtaking decor.

Love y'all and until the next foray into GROWING UP LIN...which will probably move out of the bathroom...Think the

kitchen can draw me? 

Or maybe aging gracefully?

We shall see.

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MuseItUp Publishing said...

I don't think I've giggled as much as I did with this post. Love the armrests of the couch at the end...toilet rolls? That's what they looked like. hehe

Thank you for the smile and giggles today, Lin.